Importance of Essay Writing Skills in Student Life

From the moment you decide you want to get enrolled in college or university, the importance of essay writing skills in your life only increases. First of all, because in most cases to get enrolled, you need to write an application letter, fill the forms, answer some questions in those forms, or as a separate essay. It is not an easy job, and if your writing skills are far from perfect, it will be increasingly difficult for you to get accepted. However, it is only the tip of the iceberg. You feel the importance of essay writing skills, even more, when you finally enter college and start dealing with the overwhelming number of assignments. Here are some examples to prove this thesis. We hope they will be convincing enough to make you pay attention to your writing capabilities.

Professors use essays to check your general understanding

There are three major forms to check students’ understanding of concepts: tests, presentations, essays. Presentations are rare and take too much time. You have to present some projects, the professor has to ask you questions, and later try to give an objective assessment of how prepared you are in terms of a particular topic. When there are six-eight students in the class, it is a possible scenario, but we live in the real-world, where professors have to deal with dozens of students at the same time. Tests are more suitable for checking some basic knowledge of the students’ crowd, but they are still not perfect. Tests are shallow, you can guess answers, the questions themselves may be confusing, and the scope of knowledge that can be checked by tests is rather limited, especially when it comes to Humanities.

Essays, on the other hand, take less time to check than presentations and oral answers but are much more profound in understanding the level of a particular student than tests. When writing essays, students have to do research, analyze the received information, form arguments, put them in writing, and finalize it with formatting in proofreading. So, checking essays, professors check students’ abilities on many levels.

Essay writing prepares you to create papers of a higher level

The concept is simple — you start with writing simple descriptive and definition essays, and then you do more complex analytical, compare and contrast argumentative essays, and then you are ready to create research papers, capstone projects, thesis, and even a dissertation. Of course, this path looks a little bit too straight for a professional eye, but it is a simplified realistic concept. When you just start with your English 101 course, you may feel like professors nag when it comes to some small mistakes, formatting flaws, and technical omissions. We hate to say it, but in most cases, it is good that they do it, as it will really help you in the future.

When it finally comes to writing more demanding papers, the experience you’ve got writing simple essays is priceless. The higher your level of education is, the more overwhelming your writing routine becomes. What you should remember is that if you don’t improve your essay writing skills during the “early” years, it will be much harder to do it later. If you are not satisfied with textbooks and theoretical basis offered by your writing classes, you can look for more practical assistance. Choose a reliable writing service, WriteMyPaperHub, for example, formulate a custom “write my paper for me” request to expert essay writers and use the received essays as quality samples for your own work. This way you will be able to see how professional academic writers address specific requirements, which sources and databases they use, etc. All this will be beneficial for your future writing.

Essay writing skills will be more than useful in real life

Many students think that once they graduate, all that non-stop writing will stay behind. Of course, it is not very likely that you will write another dissertation if you don’t continue your career in academia, but you will still stumble upon the necessity to use your essay writing skill all the time. No matter which professional career you choose, being able to formulate your thoughts in a written form at the needed level of quality is a good bonus. Writing a motivational cover letter to get the job of your dream, creating a grant application paper for your startup, dealing with reports in the office, addressing a government official, even writing a love letter to your future wife of or husband — all this requires some level of essay writing skills, and the higher, the better. Many disciplines and classes you have to deal in college won’t prove useful in the upcoming years, but essay writing definitely will.

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