Implement These 20 Business Ideas From Your University Dorm

University is part of nearly all our lives, irrespective of our nationalities, genders, and religions. It makes for one of the most intimidating & stressful yet crucial parts of all our lives. This marks the transition from a carefree childhood into a more responsible phase in our lives.

Thanks to the digital age, things have become easier yet equally competitive for students at universities today. It’s easier to find the right resources and make the right connections.

At the same time, it has become important for students to have an advantage over the vast pool while moving out into the corporate world. This is the same reason why more students are trying hard to gain experience and additional cash with businesses early in life. The right steps now will attract the right jobs later.

Here are 40 top-notch business ideas that you can run out of your university dorm:

1. Blogger or Content creator-

You can select any particular niche you enjoy and stick to it. It could be something that’s part of your curriculum or something you want to do in the future. This will keep you informed and also make you better at the subject. You will gradually have an audience who look up to you.

2. Tutor-

You are anyways reading and working on the subjects you are studying at university. Chances are high you enjoy some subjects more than the others. You are probably an expert at it already, all by choice. Why keep it limited ta that? Start tutoring your batch mates or your juniors.

3. Virtual Assistant-

There are busy professionals out in the market who do not have the time for the basic of communications and works. They look out for virtual assistants who can help them keep track of their emails or just manage their social media.

4. Social Media Influencer-

The world runs on social media today. People keep scrolling through social media as a way of distraction but still, try to keep it useful and informational. If you are someone who is confident to be influencing people on social media, try your luck. It could be anything of your expertise that you know people would be interested in.

5. Social Media Manager-

People are looking out for manpower who can understand their tone and manage their social media on their behalf.

6. Social Media consultant-

The market has a dire need of people who know recent trends and patterns on social media and can be of help to others.

7. YouTube Influencer-

You can earn as a YouTube influencer if you are confident you have content that people will come back to watch.

8. Podcaster-

Some students have the knack of having a strong and impactful talent of speaking better than the others. If you someone who has that power, become podcaster in a niche you are fluent at. This will allow you the flexibility of time too.

9. Caretaker-

Everyone’s life is extremely busy and chaotic today. There are still people, who have family members who need help. It’s not always possible to be at their side as they have to go out for their jobs and run their lives. These people look out for warm individuals who can take care of their loved ones for them.

10. Housesitter-

There are people in big cities who are always on the move and worrying about their house. They want people to take care and maintain their house in their absence. In return of money, you have to keep their house a certain way while they come back to it.

11. Dog Walker-

Everyone loves pets but not everyone has the time to take care of them. You can work as a dog walker if you enjoy their company. It can be a really nice stress buster during stressful university days.

12. Inventor-

University is when you experiment and question everything. If you are confident you are creating and inventing something new, make a fortune out of it. Patent your design and product when done.

13. Pet Groomer-

There’s a big booing industry focusing on grooming of pets. People want their pets to look adorable and attractive.

14. Web designer-

If you are web savvy you can earn a good amount of money working for corporations or even for individual clients.

15. Graphic Designer-

Graphics is the new thing in the block and is here to stay for a long while. If you enjoy creating interesting logos and designs, you can work for brands for the same.

16. Clothes designer-

The fashion industry keeps changing rapidly. One can make a fortune if they understand the latest trends and design clothes keeping in mind those nuances.

17. Jewellery Designer-

It’s a more intricate and delicate affair but is absolutely worth it. You can earn big bucks if you know how to design jewellery that matches peoples taste.

18. Tee-shirt designer-

They have been there in the market for a while now given their versatile nature. The only thing that’s changing n tea shirts is their patterns. If you are someone who has creative ideas, go for this with very little initial investment.

19. App developer-

New apps keep coming up every other day catering to different consumer needs. You will have to design apps as per your client requirements while working form the comfort of your home.

20. Flea market Vendor-

Flea markets are catching up lately for reasons like cost and feel. You can sell products of your choice in the flea market, while also keeping your commission. This will help you gain people skills and some great negotiation skills that can be put to good use later.

Luckily for this generation, there are newer opportunities coming up with every new venture. It’s a big world out there, which is waiting for you to explore it. Keep an open eye and mind and grab every piece of opportunity that comes knocking. Be it your first internship or the new project, give it your best shot.

We look forward to your success stories. Tell us which business idea worked out for you in the comments section below.


Mary Jones
Mary Jones
MARY Jones is the co-founder & editor-in-chief at TopMyGrades and focused on Content Marketing Strategy for many clients from Education industry in US, Canada & UK. Mary has conducted a series of webinars for AssignmentEssayHelp. he has intensive content editing experience and, also has worked with MSNBC, NewsCred & Scripted. She has also authored blogs on,,, and many more digital publications.

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