If You Knew Who You Were

It was a time when we were lost, a time when we were free, a time before time when youth mattered!


If you knew who you were no time would matter,

If you knew who you were the days would turn about.


If you knew who you were the ages would worship you,

If you knew who you were the stars would melt and fall into the seas.


You are to me as golden goblets which hold choice wine of centuries long past,

The finest jewels a man could ever gather,

You are the sweetest spices held by the hand of men.


If you knew who you were the angels, they would rejoice in exultant song,

Their voice like the songbirds in mornings dawn,

Forever singing to man’s pleasure.


If you knew who you were, you’d be the finest treasure,

If you knew who you were, you’d still be my three to love forever.

For you, my loves you are the life I long to live,

The days now past.


The days to begin,

The days that wither as I age yet keep me young as springtime winds.

Johnny Johnston
Johnny Johnstonhttp://www.blufengr-art.com/
An artist/writer as well as graduate of the University of South Carolina with degrees in journalism/20th Century American Literature, and retired senior executive of several international hotel/resort corporations, Johnny is the product of the south having been raised in the ever-changing transient lifestyle of a Carolina coastal resort. A point where he discovered, within his 300-year-old heritage and the world's dramatic social/cultural shifts during the late '60s to early 80’s an ambitious hunger and overwhelming curiosity to touch, see and become a participant in the virtually unlimited possibilities offered to those who wish for and seek life experiences. A journey which when hearing its details initially makes one a bit skeptical, questioning its validity as it is hard to imagine that incidents such as these may have crossed one man’s lifetime. This is the fodder required to step into zones exposing one's personal inner self, which many of his paintings and the words he writes do, openly. An ability to see and hear the tragic, beautiful, accomplished, exciting journey in a life free of inhibitions allowing others the opportunity to live vicariously and become, through his works, a part of its future. His larger works which have been featured in several Colorado and Fredericksburg Texas galleries and resorts have produced a number of collectors and fans. However, over the years, his paintings are mostly viewed by friends, enthusiastic new artist encountered on the streets or a small number of acquaintances he meets when dining in local cafés with his wife.


  1. I had to read this twice.. Johnny.. as it took my thoughts…I like that!
    I’m still convinced ..I’m constantly changing.. I can’t pinpoint a definition of me… I am change. We all are to me. We are born in the divine purity…and birthright of dignity…And walk through this world looking for us only to come back to us and face the end reflecting on how we did? It’s a big test it seems. That’s my thoughts at the moment… might be different later! This is very beautiful work Johnny! Thank you!

    • It’s amazing how wisdom plays such a large part in our lives and them when truly gained the time has past by. If only I could have breathed in the wisdom from those older and recognized the power I held in words that were spoken to me which I simply ignored. That is the gift I wished to pass along to my children but as life has it, like grains of sand my words to them simply sift through their fingers. Thank you so very much for your kind words. J