If There Is A Heaven … I Know You Are There

I didn’t get to say goodbye to my Dad, He was a very quiet man. He smiled a lot and was very kind. You could spend all day with him and he would never say a word. It has taken me a long time to understand him and according to my family, I am a lot like him. So, Dad, this poem is for you.

If there is a heaven, I know that you are there working the fields, watching things grow, and if there is a newspaper, there you are reading it with your morning coffee and your dog by your side.

If there is a heaven, I know that you are there having Sunday dinner with all your family and friends, Homemade biscuits and mashed potatoes, sweet tea and warm apple pie. I can see your smile and hear your laughter.

If there is a heaven, I know that you are there working on your old ’49 Ford pickup truck, Polishing the finish, stepping back and looking with pride at your handiwork.

If there is a heaven, I know it’s filled with people like you, and I know now that you were always there for me. You have taught me that there were many words in your silences now that I know how to listen. You have taught me and guided me for all these years.

I know now that your deeds have stood the test of time that you didn’t leave me without guidance and knowledge. Who you were has helped me be who I am. I know that you were a good man, a good father, and a loving husband. Your silence gave birth to my words. 

Goodbye Pops

Point Of View: Every time I see an old truck speeding down a dirt road with a cloud of dust trailing behind it I always smile. While we grow up and become who we are a part of us will always be influenced by those that cared for us and helped us grow up. He truly did influence my life more by what he did than what he said and by the things he left behind.

Larry Tyler
Larry Tyler
I have 40 years of Retail Management experience. I am the person they send in to fix things. Call it a Store Focus Specialist, a Smoke Jumper, an Outlaw. I can work within the system or go outside the box when needed. I love walking into chaos and bringing order. I am not a key word person and my education came from mentors not schools. I believe that everything that we do starts with hiring the right people. Driving sales, merchandising, customer service and metrics are just keywords until you hire the right people. My top talents are Recruiting, hiring, training, associate development, and going into a focus store and turning it around. Most importantly I believe in people and that if you teach them, develop them and believe in them they will do far more than they thought possible.
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Lynn Forrester-Pitocco

Regardless of the parents given us, we need always to remember that we are a part of them and we become who we are. Touching story.

Kathleen O\'Keefe-Kanavos
Kathleen O\'Keefe-Kanavos

Larry, I know there is a Heaven and your father is a part of it, proved in the book Dreams That Can Save Your Life, that Dr. Larry Burk and I wrote, published by Inner Traditions April 17th. Throughout the 36 stories in the book and during their darkest hours patients saw deceased loved ones in their dreams. Their dead parents, husbands, and children brought them life-saving information that was then validated by pathology reports. In a way, it proves love is something we can take with us.

Johnny Johnston

Nice, made me remember.

Jane Anderson

Your article is full of support for the need to be an example of good intentions and good actions. Live the way in which you want others to learn to live. Do good and pass it on. Thanks Larry for another thoughtful article.

Johnny Johnston

I’ll post something for you! Took it driving down the road while my then girlfriend was holding the steering wheel! J Had to put it on DR

Len Bernat

Larry – Such a touching tribute to your father. Obviously, his actions shaped you because he was a living example of grace. Thanks for sharing this.


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