If Not For You

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If not for you, my sky would fall, rain would gather too. Without your love I’d be nowhere at all. I’d be lost if not for you. And you know it’s true.”

          –Bob Dylan (“If Not For You.”)

WHEN I CONTEMPLATED writing an article that I would dedicate to all of you who have not only read my articles but provided me with such beautifully moving comments I had to come out with words that would at least somewhat come close to the love you have shown me and how much you have all come to mean to me.

Not wanting to embarrass or slight anyone so I have elected not to name names but suffice it to say you know who you are. I have received an invitation (me of all people) to speak to one of the most prestigious academic societies. There have been messages that I have somehow inspired some or many of you which I never thought I could nor had the intention of trying to do when I started with this platform.

What I see myself as is a guy that loves to write with the hope people will enjoy reading what I write and from there post a comment. It never mattered if you agreed or disagreed with my opinions but it did and does matter that you took (take) the time to read my articles. For that I must say thank you to all of you.

A writer is only as good as the readers that he attracts. Using that barometer I must somehow have attained some measure of success (define success) since I have the best readers somebody like me could ever hope for.

All of you came to me as connection on LinkedIn which for all intents and purposes is supposed to be a business networking site but something happened along the way. The relationship between myself because of my words and you became up close and personal. The more I got to know you the more I realized how much you mean to me not to mention how much I need you in my life.

In essence we became a part of each-others life. We touched each other without ever having spoken a live word to each other. In some cases there are no faces on your profiles but that doesn’t matter as I still feel as if I have known you for the better part of my life.

Sunday was an exceptionally emotional day for me stemming from my last article “You Are Only As Good As…” which quite honestly like most of my articles I did not think was very good. The previous article Out Beyond was something I wrote but was not sure what I wrote. Your words of praise kept coming in as did the speaking invitation.

I can’t say I am a messenger of any kind since clearly I don’t see myself as such. What I can say if I have touched you in any way and caused you to stop and think or actually did inspire you in some manner shape or form it is because that is what you have done to me and for me. My words along with your emotions have formed a special relationship between us.

Those of you who know me really well know how much music means to me in terms of lyrical content that I try to expose you to with the hope the songs I have chosen from various artists will open up a new world of thought or poetry to put into your person.

This is not me saying goodbye to you or hinting that I plan on going away (until G-d decides to take me) anytime soon. Rather this article is my way of pouring out my heart to you as you have been doing to me. The question I keep asking myself I that what have I done to deserve the love you keep showing me? By and large I am a private person with no real ego who has been thrust almost into a spot light from which pictures or not I can see you. Most of all I can feel you here with me.

So let me thank you profusely for all that you have done for me on top of all that you mean to me. My mother (some of you may know this already) always wanted me to be a writer. With your help I have become a writer. How much more of an honor can I have than to write for people like yourselves.



Joel Elveson
Joel Elveson
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  1. Besides pouring your own heart out, Dear Joel Sir, you have touched the deepest cores of mine as well. Although I have been away from the writing scene over the last few months, I do still try to steal a few moments here and there to read the outstanding writings of Dear Sandy, Larry, Dr. Melinda, as well as our good old (quite young, as a matter of fact) friend, guide, mentor, and catalyst, Sir Dennis Pitocco, and so many more.

    Given a couple more months, I should be able to pick up from where I left. In the meantime, Warm Regards!

    • Bharat, it’s great to hear from you! Suffice it to say you are missed! Your comments always wind up touching me which is no suprise considering the talent you have. Please keep in touch. Thank you by the way for taking time form your very busy schedule to even read my article. Be well and stay well.

  2. I always look forward to your articles, Joel and they are touching and thought-provoking. You definitely have a real talent for writing…..just keep them coming and I will continue to read them and comment when I feel I have something relevant to say about it.

  3. Each day I always look to see what you have written or made comments about. That means that you are a very important part of my day. You are kind and give of yourself boundlessly without any expectations. Most of all Joel I cherish being able to call you my friend. Thank you for all that you give to so many of us.

    • Larry, WOW! I was up until 5:00 am this morning finishing my new article. I just started going through my e-mails when I saw your comments. Never did I even imagine I would meet somebody like you or anybody for that matter. As I sit here reading your comments I can’t believe what I am reading. To be told that you a very important part of somebody’s day is an indescribable feeling. Ever since I was young I hated receiving gifts. I always wanted to be on the giving end. Bragging is not something am comfortable doing. In all honesty, I do not go out very often and do not have friends who live in this area. Except for my wife who goes out a lot and my beloved Juice I thank G-d for having you as my friend. While you may look for comments that I have written (some of these articles that I read…) I on the other hand anxiously look for anything you have written. There is an uneasy feeling that comes over me when I don’t see a picture you put up, an old article, a new article or a comment.

      • You are a great friend. I only wish that one day I could meet you in person or just say hello over the phone. It is from people like you that I get inspired to keep writing. Words are failing me as I cannot get over what you said and how kind it was. Thank you for your friendship. Thank you for all that you do for our four-legged friends. This world needs more people like you who care. Once again thank you, Larry, for the gift of your friendship. I am a very lucky man to have connected and formed a bond with somebody like you. Take care, my friend! THANK YOU!