Idolatry of Big Government

Speaking about the United States and Christianity (the subjects I know)… We, as a nation, and much of our religious establishment have set The State up as an idol. When in need, they turn to the state. They bring their troubles to the state and have confidence that The State will solve things and make them “right.”

In the Bible, God commanded His people to do various things including taking care of the less fortunate and tithe. He commanded that His church and His people do this to bring glory to His name.

In modern America, so many of our population, including Christian churches and leaders, expect the government to take care of these issues. They expect the government to take money through taxes to fix the problems they see around them. This is true even as those same people fail to tithe. To JOYFULLY give their resources to the Lord’s work. They have turned The State into an idol. Instead of trusting God to take care of their needs, instead of being God’s hands and feet as commanded, they have turned their trust to government. Government will save us/them. Government will save the environment. Government will help the homeless.

So many Christians think that they are virtuous by demanding more of government.

They feel that they are doing what God has required of them by “delegating” that work to the government. Unfortunately, this is exactly wrong. By ignoring His commands to the church to actively help the needy, they are failing to show His love to a world in need.

In fact, because of their idolatry of government, they avoid doing what is commanded and, thereby, avoid being virtuous.

There is no place in the Bible where God says, “Give unto Caesar to help the needy.” No, the Christian church is expected and REQUIRED to help the needy.

The next time you feel pulled to require the government to take more money and do more, look at yourself. Apparently, you have more money than you need and you are NOT doing what God has commanded us to do. You are failing in your obligation to God and your fellow man.

Stop worshiping at the altar of government. Stop giving the glory that belongs to God to the idol of government.

Michael Barnes
Michael Barnes is founder and CEO of Awakened Innovations, Inc. Awakened Innovations helps nonprofits to save time and money by connecting them with high-quality, vetted, service providers. Previously, Michael has been a business coach; Director of Lab Operations at, Assurex Health (a genetic testing laboratory); and built the Cincinnati Biobank and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Michael’s overarching passion is to help others succeed and fulfill their mission in life.




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