Ideas May Be Dime-A-Dozen But They Also Hide Immense Fortunes


“Daring ideas are like chessmen moved forward. They may be beaten, but they may start a winning game.”

-Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

It has always been proclaimed in business circles that ideas are dime a dozen. Yet, it is ideas that the predatory investors in the ‘Shark Tank’ pay big bucks for, day in and day out. People come knocking on their doors, from far and wide, to try their luck whereas majority of them find a million holes in their most passionate ideas.

Taking a closer look at the technology field, all the innovations that have entered our daily lives at break-neck speed have all been born out of ideas that not many could have foreseen coming to fruition, leave alone become overnight sensation.

Every success is born out of an idea that sprouts to reality after lots of tender loving care and necessary input of resources. Yes, there are no guarantees that all such ideas will actually flourish but there is definitely one guarantee in place that relates to working on one’s idea.

Telephone was born out of an idea to communicate with others at a distance. Who could have predicted the current role of telephony in our daily lives? Same is true about the automobile, the refrigerator, the television, the Internet and so on and so forth.

While we may keep wondering about all the developments taking place around us, suffice it to say that there were many more ideas that died a premature death before anyone ever gave them a serious thought. Those were the pawns on a game of chess that got easily beaten.

Given the above scenario, we must appreciate the fact that winners have to go through a number of losses or beaten pawns to get the one winner. The only difference is they do not know which one it will be. It is exactly like shucking oysters; you don’t know which one is hiding a pearl within. You could probably shuck one and it could be a winner or you might end up going full throttle at hundreds of them and still not find the lucky one. So, where do you draw the line?

The truth of the matter is: the WINNERS never draw a line. They keep doing what they believe in and failure becomes their friend. It is these hardy individuals that know how to take failure with a smile that ultimately come out winners because they did not quit just before hitting the summit. They were the ones to take that extra step and they did it with absolute confidence.

Taking a cue from the above, it is imperative that in our quest for that elusive success we must also believe in the wisdom of never stopping to pursue our dreams. We take our best possible shot at analyzing ideas that come our way with same amount of faith and dedication as if it was this particular idea that will help us hit the jackpot. At the same time, we need to become immune to disappointment of failure. The moment doubt overpowers our commitment, nothing but failure is sure to set-in and the result will be an utter failure.

Try It, You Might Like It…

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Lesson: It is ideas that hide the hallmarks of a winner within. Our analytical abilities help us weigh the pros and cons. It is up to us and no-one else whether we give it our best or let doubts take over in executing the same.[/message] 


Bharat Mathur
Bharat Mathur
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  1. Every idea that fundamentally changed our society relied on us understanding that idea. Artificial brains for computers. Desktops for graphical user interfaces. Assembly line for processes. Ideas are a dime a dozen and will remain a dime a dozen until we understand them. From understanding we conceive true value.

    • You got that right, Chris to some extent, though! Ideas are the seeds that give birth to the tallest, humongest trees. It takes proper planting, and care to get that seed to become a sapling. The same way, ideas need incubation of the highest order. Different people in divergent fields select ideas that relate to their own expertise. An idea worth billions for you may not mean nothing to me until and unless I have a clear sketch, a roadmap of how I could help it flourish.

      Please stay tuned as I love your interaction based upon a deep analysis, although we may not always agree. In such events I get lucky because I get to relish a different viewpoint too.

      Thanks and Warm Regards!

  2. Nothing would have been invented were it not for ideas – we’d still be living in caves and wearing furs – and it even took ideas to do those! As Bharat says, ideas are like pearls in oysters – and when we find one it can be enormously valuable for the individual and the whole world. Ideas have never been a “dime a dozen.”

    • Thanks a lot, Christine, for your wonderful value addition! I like your bold statement: Ideas have never been dime a dozen! It is this precise thinking that nurtures productive thought-process and incites action!

    • Many thanks for your kind comment, Bharat! I love ideas – and I have for my entire life. I love thinking, getting inspiration about ideas and discussing them with friends and colleagues.