I, The Love That I Am

–With Eileen Bild and Eyra Moon

I had the privilege to be interviewed by the wonderful Eileen Bild, host of OTELTALK from Ordinary to Extraordinary Life Productions on KNOBTV (Roku). She wanted to dive deep into the meaning of the song “High As A Kite” with NUF and Eyra Moon as it is not just another love song.

What journey led to create this single?
What is the deeper meaning of the lyrics?
And what did we as composers hope to achieve with it?

Get yourself a cup of coffee and listen to old friends talking about the topic they are most passionate about; love sweet love. Not in the traditional sense of “I, the void that I am need you to fill me up”, but more in: “I the love that I am, see the love that you are, let’s expand together from here”.

Topics like clearing limiting beliefs and how sometimes after years of clearing you can still feel stuck when something old is coming to the surface again and how the root cause sometimes does not appear to be from you.

With Eileen Bild, host OTEL TALK, A Universal Voice and Eyra Moon, composer, singer, cowriter High As A Kite.


Eyra Moon
Eyra Moon
Eyra Moon has a tremendous fascination and deeply felt connection to our universe. Her journey in discovering the law of the Universe, the words we use, the believes we embedded as our own that create our reality, reflect back in her work through Great Talks, Music, Videos, Film, Articles, and connecting with Your True Self. In all these forms, she invites you to go on a journey with her. To go within and feel. To reconnect with what we truly are; the Universe experiencing itself through You. Being Truth and Love and bringing that into every situation and encounter with other beings. The more we connect to our source self and leave from this space, the more we can start creating a world from the freedom, love, abundance, and serenity that we are.

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    • Thank you so much for listening Cynthia Ann! And for sharing your experience! That moment when we feel love for no outer reason but within, isn’t that the most wonderful feeling in the world? For me it’s coming home 😊💕

  1. Eyra, You beautiful soûl🙏 Not only do we hear it in the music, but we hear it from you.

    Self love needs to be encouraged, it is the fundamental foundation that allows one to deal with much of life’s adversities.
    For me, I was also looking in all the wrong places, when all along, it was always with me.
    The energy of me was the source of love and that was all I needed first.
    Once I discovered I could love me, the Universe rewarded me with more. It does that. Energy becomes synergy when you are plugged in.
    I also think of this…
    If you love your God and creator…the Universe, then does this not require that you love what they have created? It is an insult to the creator to ignore the gift. It is the greatest act to give it back. In order to accept creation..see yourself as part of it.

    The earlier you see this gift and give thanks…the happier you’ll be😀

    Thank you for sharing your talent and gift so others can find the energy of theirs.

    Love you with my energy sister


    • Thank you dear Paula! Wow! Yes you are so right! Not seeing what we really are is indeed misjudging the Universe who designed everything perfectly. Us included! Well marked! You are most welcome! Its why I am here. Does the moon shine on its own or reflect back a light that already is? i can only hope my work indeed lights up the light that is in everyone! I am ever so grateful I found my Biz family helping me to share and pass it on! 💖

  2. Thank you, Eyra, for sharing this truly enlightening interview with Eileen Bild. What you shared resonated so strongly, as I believe that most “persons” will believe that love is something external. To me, the heart of this can be summed up in the quote from Rumi: “I searched for God and found only myself; I searched for myself and found only God.” 🙏🙏