I See Your True Colors Shining Through

Recently I wrote an article about race entitled “What if the World Was All White?” It dealt with the flaws in believing that an all-white-race world would cure the problems that we face in the world today. Society’s problems do not stem from the color of one’s skin. Our challenges come from the lack of light we give from our hearts that reveals the true nature of a person’s actions. It is the color of the light in our hearts that determines our future.

Many people are unfamiliar with how we operate as a body and a soul that we call a person. I have been fortunate to receive knowledge that goes beyond textbooks and mythology. At times, this knowledge does not feel like a gift. Teaching about multidimensionality puts me in some negative categories like being a new-ager or more condemning, being the work of the devil, or a conspiracy theorist. It’s funny in a way because what I know would empower us to make a better world.

Cindi Lauper’s song, True Colors, has been bouncing around in my head for the last week. I find it amusing since coming on board with Bizcatalyst 360° that my article ideas seem to come to me through song lyrics. I have always loved the words to this song, and they take on new meaning for me now that I understand how incredibly multi-dimensional we are.

The chorus to this song is:

I’ll see your true colors shining through
I see your true colors
And that’s why I love you
So don’t be afraid to let them show
Your true colors
Your true colors
Are beautiful like a rainbow.”

True Colors‘ chorus best describes how I can see people today. I am not concerned about what color one’s skin is. What I look for in a person is the color of light that they are expressing; and how bright their light shines. And this expands out to the soul-color of a corporation, government, and all organizations. Explaining our energetic makeup and how it drives our experiences and personal power would not fit in a thousand-word article. So, I will focus on one primary offering for you to consider.

Everything in this world is a form of energetic vibration. Each of us has a unique energetic signature, as does a rock.

However, a rock’s energetic frequency is too slow to see movement. We have heard of many discoveries through metaphysics that espouse this idea. Scientists have also discovered that color and sound have unique energetic frequencies too. In our current reality, color and sound not only carry a specific vibration but also have significant effects on our physical bodies and emotional states of being.

Here are some examples of how color affects us:

  • Color is used in marketing to invoke a specific reaction from the consumer. Red and orange are used in restaurants because these colors stimulate our appetite. Blue shades are used to convey confidence in the product or company.
  • We are naturally inclined to paint babies’ bedrooms light pink or light blue because they are calming colors. Paint a baby’s room bright yellow, and it will produce more prolonged periods of crying and agitation.
  • Giving someone red roses expresses love; giving someone yellow roses conveys friendship—something good to know if you are looking for a romantic relationship!

The most impactful enlightenment that I have received is that each of us is a distinctive frequency of light (like a specific channel on a radio). All color comes from the white light. Think of the white light as the radio itself. If we are light, then we have the spectrum of all colors within and access to every frequency range on the radio. Some people resonate with our channel, while others do not. We tend to gather with people of like frequencies. Some people like opera, while others like hard rock and listening to an opposite spectrum can feel grating on our nerves because the vibration does not match. This difference can be why it is hard to negotiate peace from groups of people who have different energetic vibrations.

Every music note has a signature color that reflects that music note’s frequency. So, it makes sense that the sounds and colors we are exposed to affect our bodies and emotions either positively or negatively. Since we are light, we project the color frequencies that match our energetic expression.

Many people have had experiences where someone lights up the room they are in when they enter it. This is because that person is resonating at a high frequency that is projecting a positive color energy that immediately raises everyone’s frequency. The same goes for the flip side. If someone comes into the room with a negative projection, this individual creates a negative impact on everyone. Their angry persona or depressing posture brings their energy levels down. We run towards people who light up the room and away from those who disrupt. This reality affects us in our relationships but also in our social and business connections too. Understanding how our energy works can transform how we operate in the world. This information about color and energy is just the tip of the iceberg of what our potentials are.

So, what color light are you projecting today? Is it sapphire blue and its frequency of power and protection? Are you happily sending out a ray of sunshine yellow and its wavelength of wisdom, illumination, and understanding? Are you feeling bad and emitting a dim gray light that projects hesitation and distrust, or even midnight black that spreads depression and hopelessness?

Our hearts project the vibration of our physical and emotional state. The great news is that you can call in higher color frequencies of light through your intention to raise your vibration. We have this ability to heal ourselves through simple techniques. Light therapy is becoming more and more popular because it is actually color therapy. Sound healing is becoming popular for the same reason. Both treatments are about exposing ourselves to higher frequencies that raise our internal systems’ frequencies and create balance.

The most important point I want to note is that each of us has the highest frequencies of light available to us. We have the power to raise the frequency of all humanity and create a rainbow world of abundance and balance. Every person, every business, every country can change its colors! I do not believe this is some pie-in-the-sky pipedream I have conjured up.  Someday, everyone will embrace this knowledge because scientific research is beginning to support this. I cannot wait to see our potential when it happens. So, when I look at people who are emanating a lower frequency of light, I know that those higher frequencies are there waiting to connect and restore them to wholeness.

There’s a rainbow of light inside of you. I see your true colors shining through! Don’t be afraid to let them show!


Helen Heinmiller
Helen Heinmiller
Helen Heinmiller is an inspirational author, teacher, and speaker bringing a 21st century perspective to all aspects of life. After fifteen years in corporate America and another twenty years studying personal and spiritual growth, Helen discovered a vital link between our connection to the divine and our ability to manifest good health, enriching relationships, and satisfaction in work and service. She believes that divinity is woven into every aspect of life to include all parts of society and business because, when embraced, our divine connection powers the inspiration that's needed to succeed. Helen is the author of two inspiring adventure novels, The Rustling of Angels and, her thriller, Final Redemption. Through the art of storytelling, Helen reveals real paradigm-shifting truths about who we are as humans and the inherent power we all share to change the negative direction of the world today. Her mission is to bring this message to people, businesses, and organizations to inspire and build new inspirational conversations and positive solutions for the world. Helen is a contributing author to the inspiring book Crappy to Happy: Sacred Stories of Transformational Joy

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  1. I do not see or believe people give off colors. A person should be judged by their actions as well as the words they speak. We do not have the power to raise the “frequency” of all humanity. With all due respect your article, the work you put into but this is not reality.

    • Hi Joel, thanks for your point of view. Once upon a time humans believed the earth was flat until it wasn’t. Reality is experiential and not everyone experiences the same thing. I know what I have experienced is different than what you experience. I can only live from my point of view. Why do people pray together and speak of the power of group prayer to help someone heal or influence a course of events in the world? We’ve been using frequencies but just didn’t know it. I respect your reality too.

    • When you say things we have the power to change all of humanity that is completely false. The expression “lit up the room” does not mean they give off light since humans cannot do that but rather it means that a person captivated people by way of their looks or actions or personality. I agree not everybody experiences the same thing but saying people can transmit or give off actual light with all due respect is too far fetched. The only frequencies I know of that we use are those of a radio. As far as praying goes in my faith (yes we do pray together on a Shabbos or at other times 10 Jewish men pray together in a minyan) but so too can we ask for G-d’s help to make somebody well amongst many other things all by ourselves.

    • Thanks Joel for your point of view. I will, however, stand firm in my view that we do have the ability to affect our human destiny. We are complex beings and made in the likeness of G-d. Therefore, we are co-creators and can create. I feel when people understand how unbelievably magnificent G-d made us, we will create heaven on earth. I personally would rather hold faith in my power than leave my future to chance. I recognize it may not be a common view. I am happy to continue the conversations about our potential. Have a great day!

  2. By the way Helen, what a perfect song and title ‘True Colors.’ I am with you every step of the way as usual with your writing and perspectives of empowering humankind. Your lovely linkages to frequency found in colours, music, light therapy and how you can just feel someone’s vibration when they enter – creates much food for thought.

    I just held the space for a Chakradance group over the weekend and the music we used was vibrationally attuned to correspond to each chakra for healing and attunement.

    Wish you could have joined in – you might really have loved it with the Universal prayer and working towards just what you so delightfully stated:

    “We all have the power to raise the frequency of all humanity and create a rainbow of abundance and balance”.

    Thanks Helen. Have a rainbow day of delights!