I Heard

Some years ago, during a time that I was extremely exhausted and functioning with very limited energy flow, I was given a miraculous experience from the Universe.  It was an experience that I never will forget and have shared it with many people.

One December afternoon I drove to the mall in my home town of Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada.  The mall was extremely busy and a parking space was nowhere to be found, not even in the lot that was a fair distance from the actual mall.  I drove around the mall, like everyone else, looking to see if I could luck into a vacant spot that someone was about to vacate.  No such luck!  How long was I going to have to wait?

Suddenly, while I was sitting in my car, stopped near the store I wanted to shop in, I heard a very distinct voice say to me, “Stop here!” The voice was very clear, I looked around to make sure there wasn’t another person in my car and no, I was alone.  I complied with the voice and sheepishly sat and waited for someone to return to their car.  I watched many people pass right by, one after another.  They all seemed to be going towards the overflow parking area.  Some, time passed and I was feeling embarrassed and thought this isn’t working.  I started to move my car forward, again I heard that distinct voice, “Stop here!”  Once again, I stopped and sat and waited.  More people walked by my car but always continued walking.

Unexpectedly my eyes were drawn to a lady that was way off in the distance towards the other end of the mall parking lot, weave her way through rows of vehicles.  She kept weaving her way through the rows towards my direction.  Wow!  She came closer and closer.  My eyes could not believe what I was witnessing!  The lady actually got into a car that was parked to the right of my car and backed out of the parking space and all I had to do was drive my car into that spot without moving an inch to let her back out.

This has great meaning to me.  It showed me that God, the universe, however one wishes to title the higher power, is very much aware of every minute incident that occurs in a person’s life.

If I could be told exactly where to stop my car for an available parking space that was to occur some minutes later, just imagine, nothing goes unnoticed.  Timing is everything!  In time of distress from that time forward, it brought me comfort and I will always think of this particular amazing incident that I personally experienced that was so simple but yet so powerful.

Slowly, over time I have learned to quiet myself and be ready to listen to the inner voice that is within each of us, ready to provide guidance and truth.


Paulette Scales
Paulette Scales
I worked in the field of mental health for thirty-seven years. After retirement I embarked on a deeper spiritual journey looking for inner peace and tranquility, searching for something my soul was lacking. I have encountered many, dark night of the soul experiences but never understood why. I now understand it is about growth, liberation, and freedom to let my light shine that was stifled as a child. I am aware of a stronger force from the spiritual realm that held me, rescued me and guided me through the years. I thrive when talking about Angels, Miracles, and Spirituality and my salvation comes from experiencing Angels, bright lights and powerful Devine interventions. This year through personal work with my therapist my writing gift resurfaced and I am enjoying the opportunity of sharing my experiences with others. Paulette is a contributing author to the inspiring book Chaos to Clarity: Sacred Stories of Transformational Change.

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