I Can Leave a Legacy

Your legacy is every life you’ve touched

~Maya Angelou

Oprah Winfrey built a school, for her, that’s her Legacy. We know how many lives she has touched, her legacy so much bigger, she already is The Change!

Leaving a Legacy is every life you have touched: My legacy is my caregiver story, taking care of my mom (see link in comments). Doctors gave her 3-6 months, God blessed us with a journey for almost 14 years, touching many lives. Often going from impossible to Possible!

Today the journey goes on in a Global Mission, touching many lives, and being touched by many precious lives.

Be humble, but Proud of YOUR Legacy today! For sure YOU already have touched many lives. Keep going! No stopping now! Be The Change.

It’s a time for words of encouragement, motivation, and action.
It’s a time to paint visions of a future much better than now.
It’s a time for words spoken, and words written.
That is truly one thing that I can do, Inspire!

I can speak, and I can write.
I can make a difference.
I will make a difference.
I do make a difference.

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Ineke Kanhai
Ineke Kanhai
I believe in and guide you to Be your own Excellence. We rise by lifting others Up! My personal Brand: #BeYourOwnExcellence. My main focus areas are being an/a Online Coach, guiding you to Be your own Excellence. Empowering and uplifting people overcoming difficulties in life is a very grateful job. It is truly amazing making people aware that being your authentic self, is enough. Being your own Excellence is the greatness and magic that you contribute to our world. No competition needed. You are your own competition. It’s a true gift seeing people living that moment of awareness Being their own Excellence following the path of #kindness and #compassion.Humanitarian; Contributing, bringing global awareness in making our world a better place to live in peace and harmony for humanity and all living beings, trough acts of kindness and compassion. When it comes to our planet and all living beings, the essence is sustainability and we as humans should find a way to re-connect as souls with the rest of the living planet! Making a difference and leaving a legacy by touching lives with words of encouragement, inspiration, motivation, and action. Painting visions of a future much better than now as I choose Peace for the Healing of us all. Jobseeker; Jobseekers from a volunteer foundation to help with professional guidance in their career development. Jobseekers can also join a private group (with 4000+ group members) to share experiences and that we manage as a moderator to keep staying inspired and motivated. LinkedIn profile scan; I help you with a quick profile scan of your LinkedIn Profile if things are in order. For this, I use the checklists of professionals as LinkedIn Experts and recruiters (from the Netherlands) who share their checklists to help create a professional LinkedIn Profile. Women Empowerment Moderator; I also help moderate other online private groups. Like an online private group of women who have been sexually abused as a child or in their youth. Experienced expert (formal) caregiver; (field: acquired brain injury and dementia).My inspiring caregiver story, taking care of my mother. Where doctors gave her 3-6 months, God blessed us with a journey for almost 13 years, often going from impossible to Possible! Live a Life of great fulfillment: Be Your Own Excellence!


  1. Hi Ineke,
    A profound message! I recently discussed this with someone in the care industry who felt they needed to do more, to make a bigger difference in the world. I wish I could have expressed it with more than words how much I felt that they have done and do in areas of healthcare. The ones who have compassion and willingness to go the extra mile. It is very often our blindspot, not realizing the direct and ripple effect of inspiration. Your story and experience is much appreciated!

    • Thank so much Maria for your kind respond!
      And yes, I understand what you are saying, for me, when the word “healthcare” comes up, instantly in my head it makes a link with two words “respect” and “salute”.
      Appreciate your message, thank you for your kindness Maria.