I am Awakened and My Loved Ones Do Not Understand Me


As years and months pass by, a larger number of people on the planet awakes and ascend to a higher dimension of consciousness.

What does it mean “awakening”? It means we realise we are here for much more than paying the bills, working, and dying, it means that we realise we have a much bigger purpose and that we are spiritual eternal beings on a beautiful journey.

What does it mean “ascension”? Well, ascension means that we are experiencing a shift in consciousness. Right now, Earth, the whole galaxy really, is evolving to the 5th dimension of consciousness. Every single being, right here, right now, has the opportunity to jump on and experience the change or stay on the 3rd dimension, the material plane. The fifth dimension is something that the human mind is not able to understand. It is the dimension of telepathy, psychic abilities, communication with our spirit guides, magic, co-creation, bending and changing the reality around us, light warriors, connection with our Higher Self, expansion of the heart, just to name a few.

Now, when we awake to our spirituality (Which has got nothing to do with religion! But this is for another discussion!), our belief system, our way of living, our behaviour and priorities completely change. We stop doing and having, we start being instead. We live in the now, time, and space stop existing.

A massive challenge for many of us experiencing an awakening is dealing with people that are not awakened yet, especially when it comes to family, friends, and our life partner.

Let’s start with saying that a spiritual awakening is not something that we choose on a human level, it is something that happens on a soul level, when a soul is ready to awaken to the truth, a new world opens up changing us completely. Not all souls are ready to awaken at the same time and not all the people we know will awaken in this lifetime. Having said that, very often the first person that awakens in a family or group of friends or in the relationship, is a catalyst for others.

Here what to do when your loved ones are not spiritually awakened starting with friends.

Now, friends are our second family, the family that we pick for ourselves based on similar experiences, common values, or alike belief systems. When we awake, the way we live, our experiences are completely taken upside down and our values and beliefs completely change and so we might not feel the same connection with them and, to be honest, they might feel the same about us. We reach a point where we simply do not understand each other anymore. Very often, people that are not meant to be in our life will naturally disappear making space for new souls that vibrate with us. My personal suggestion, and feel free to reject it if doesn’t resonate with you, is to let go of the old and embrace the new, naturally, and peacefully.

When It comes to family, it can be a lot more complicated and nerve-racking. So how do we deal with a family that is still spiritually asleep? We have our awakening and we start experiencing amazing things, our consciousness elevates, we understand the meaning of this life and we are ready and excited to share our change with our loved ones. We spill everything out and surprise…!!!, they don’t understand at all. As I previously said not everybody will awake in this lifetime, we all have a different journey and we need to accept the fact that as much as we love them, we cannot force anybody to understand something that is beyond the human mind. The moment you explain your new true self to them, the first thing they are going to feel is fear. The fear of losing you because they love you, they might be worry that you are going crazy or that you ended up in some sort of cult or perhaps they will laugh at your face. The reality is that nobody can tell you what to do because nobody apart from you, is aware of the role of the different family members in this life or the past ones but as much as we want to be compassionate and keep our heart open to them, we cannot let their insecurities or fears stopping us from evolving.

But what to do when our partner is not spiritually awakened? Can a relationship between a spiritually awakened person and an asleep one work?

When it comes to a romantic relationship, again nobody can tell you what to do, you might want to ask yourself how you feel in the relationship, what you expect from your partner now that you are different, how much time you want to give him or her the to adjust, what you want from your life now that you have a different perspective and if your current partner supports your evolution. There are plenty of relationships that work very well between people with completely different beliefs, cultures and coming from completely different backgrounds so it is absolutely possible making it work, it all comes down to respect and embracing each other differences. Having said that, if you think that your current partner is not the person for you anymore and you really want to move on, feel free to do so.

We all have a different journey, the more we resist it, the more is painful. Embrace your true nature, be the light warrior that you are. Humanity needs you.


Special Guest Contributor
Special Guest Contributor
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    • Thank you very much for your comment Carol! I totally understand as It was the same for me. My partner and I are walking the path of ascension very differently as it should be but our “togetherness” in fully embracing it, is a great comfort. I am so glad more and more beings are accessing a different level of understaing and trasforming their life.