Hypnotherapy for PTSD

Living with conditions such as PTSD can be exhausting and difficult, and many people suffer from untreated problems such as this. Treating your PTSD can be difficult and expensive, and there are many different options out there that claim to make a difference, but it can be hard to tell which ones are actually effective and which are pointless quackery.

One increasingly popular option for treating PTSD is hypnotherapy, available from a range of providers such as hypnotherapynewcastle.org. But what is hypnotherapy, and how can it be used to treat PTSD? Let’s take a look at this treatment option and how it works.

What is PTSD?

Experiencing a traumatic event can cause major problems for you mental health for years afterwards. This could cause sleeping problems, anxiety disorders, low concentration levels, and many other different unwanted symptoms. This can make living your ordinary life difficult, and treatment can make a significant difference towards helping to prevent your symptoms from causing problems. It is entirely possible to treat your PTSD even years after the trauma initially occurred; it is never too late to try to seek help for conditions like PTSD.

It is important to remember that self-diagnosis is not a sensible route towards treatment. Visit your GP to start the process of a full assessment of your symptoms and what the most appropriate method of treatment for your particular symptoms and problems might be. Hypnotherapy might be the right option for you, but equally, there might be a different path better suited to your personal symptoms.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is used as a treatment for a number of different conditions. There are different types of hypnotherapy available, and different methods that can be used to hypnotise a patient.

In general, hypnotherapy works by leading you into a very relaxed state, in which you might be more receptive to ideas than you would be otherwise, and gently suggesting alternative coping methods, before bringing you out of the trance again.

This is not a scary mind control system; you are fully in control of yourself while under hypnosis, and cannot be forced into doing anything you do not want to. If you need to, you can always bring yourself out of the hypnotic state rather than waiting for your therapist to bring you out.

How does Hypnotherapy for PTSD work?

There are four main effects of hypnotherapy for PTSD, each of which will need to be developed individually. This means that for effective treatment of PTSD through hypnotherapy, you’ll need several therapy sessions more than you might for simpler conditions.

The first and simplest of these steps is the introduction of stress reduction exercises. Following these exercises can be used to reduce stress and anxiety levels, reducing the risk of panic attacks and reducing the impact that your PTSD can have on your daily life. These exercises can be recorded so that you can replay footage of them in order to keep on repeating the exercises.

Hypnotherapy can also be used to slowly reduce your symptoms, allowing you to slowly and gradually reduce the scale of your reactions to your most common and most difficult triggers. In combination with this, hypnotherapy can be used to identify your triggers, even the ones you might not be fully consciously aware of, and help you to handle stressful situations with greater control.

Finally, hypnotherapy can be very effective for exploring individual memories, even distant ones, to determine whether or not there are other past stressful events in your life that might have contributed to your PTSD, compounding the severity of your problems. This exploration can be vital for the process of dealing with every aspect of your PTSD from its root causes.


For many people, hypnotherapy from providers like hypnotherapynewcastle.org can make a significant difference in the quality of life. Exploring the traumas at the root of your PTSD can be vital to fully treating the condition, and hypnotherapy is one of the best ways to take this step in a controlled, safe environment. You should always talk through potential treatment plans with your GP before committing to one, but hypnotherapy is a good option for many people and can really make a difference to your life and help to mitigate the impact of PTSD on your ability to live your everyday life uninterrupted.

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