Humidity, Temperature, and Their Effects on Painting Projects

In the event you have an outdoor painting project on your to-do list, you might be paying close attention to the weather forecast to determine the ideal day to tackle it. However, if all you’re looking for is a day without rain, you’re not paying close enough attention to the weather report. That’s because both temperature and humidity can have significant effects on paint as it’s drying, and none of them are good.

Even if there’s no rain in the forecast, painting under conditions in which temperatures and/or humidity are too severe can mean your hard work could wind up being for nothing. The average house painting project costs owners about $3,000, so that’s one expensive failure. If it’s a commercial or industrial project, you likely can multiply that amount several times over, depending on the scope and duration of the project.

Whether the paint is oil-based, latex or acrylic, it is a liquid paint. That means moisture must be able to evaporate out of the paint at the proper rate in order for it to dry properly. Temperature and humidity can create chaos on this process for various reasons, which results in more than just having to wait longer for it to dry. Paint that dries too slowly or even too quickly won’t adhere as well to the surface, with the result being ugly imperfections and premature flaking or peeling. Because the moisture level in paint is so important to drying properly, humidity can upset the balance and ruin a day’s work.

Take a look at the infographic below by Raider Painting to help you decide the right time to tackle your next painting project:

Infographic provided by Raider Painting

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