Human or Person in the Workforce: Perhaps it’s Time for a Change…

Both the Oxford English Dictionary and the Merriam-Webster Dictionary agree that a “Human” is defined as relating to or a characteristic of the Human Species and two sub-categories are male and female.

Both dictionaries also agree that a “Person” is an individual.

Business categorizes the human as a resource.

Sales categorize transactions as B2B, B2C, and now some are going with H2H. All three of these acronyms define categories and not people. Let’s look at that for a minute.

A “Person” is an individual being with feelings and can think independently. An inventor, a bank teller, a shop sweeper, a doctor, a CEO, etc.

“Team” is a group of individuals combined together for a common purpose. Corporations who use the “Team Concept” of operating seem to be successful and people who work there seem to be happier.

Back in the 1990s, the U.S. Navy set out to rename its jobs to gender-neutral titles and did a fine job of it. They also retained the title of one job as Personnel Specialist. Personnel is defined as a body of persons employed within an organization.

Perhaps it’s time to identify employees by what they are: persons – lady or man (both of which are gender-specific). This is the 21st Century and we are still identifying ourselves by words created 100+ years ago. It’s time to catch up…

So, what’s the big deal about H2H? Simply put – category to category and that is not okay anymore.

The world has embraced that persons are not categories and sales are now “P2P” Person to Person.

Please tell me what you think about being a “Person” in today’s world and what P2P could mean to you.

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Terry Earthwind Nichols
Terry Earthwind Nicholshttps://www.evolutionaryhealer.com/
Terry Earthwind Nichols is a Visionary Strategist for people who are looking for ‘achievement based’ vs. ‘goals-based’ strategies for their business. Terry is an Award-Winning Profiler from his Naval Recruiting days and The Father of Repetitive Behavior Cellular Regression®. When he’s not strategizing brilliant marketing plans with entrepreneurs or volunteering his expertise out on social media, he can be found doing kickass interviews, planning his next vacation, or enjoying a Maker's Mark Manhattan at his favorite restaurant in a suit he designed himself. His favorite song, you guessed it - Sharp Dressed Man by ZZ Top. Terry is a Service-Connected U.S. Navy Veteran. H.E. Amb. Nichols is an Ambassador for refugees US and Global with the United Refugee Green Council. He is also the co-founder along with his wife Linda Vettrus-Nichols and Chairman of Evolutionary Healer, a global transformational performance improvement company.