Human Desires

Two Levels of Existence

Our whole life revolves around a basic and central principle called desire, why desire? To receive pleasure and enjoyment. Everyone in the human race has natural desires, which we do not have to learn how to activate or maintain. They already exist in us instinctively, and in fact, they determine the form of our life on this planet.

These desires work in us necessarily as in all nature; inanimate, vegetative, and living, without requiring any special expertise from us. Meaning at this point we are compelled to satisfy the demands of the will, all the time.

I want to eat, drink, drive a new car, buy a new home, be a manager. I just want, want, want, and want, because that’s what we know, and that’s what we need to do. And here there is no good or bad, right or wrong, but simply the existing form of the will at the living level within us.

And there is another internal root point that is a kind of DNA, which exists in each of us and belongs solely to that individual. In all reality, no two identical points can be found. Everyone carries their own inner identity, and only they can express the uniqueness that exists in them. If we cancel any of it there will be no one who can complete that part.

In fact, the same rooted and inner point defines the person inside us, the future person, who must be realized in all virtues, qualities, yearnings, hopes, dreams, happiness, security, physical and mental satisfaction. To make a long story short, whether consciously or subconsciously, the point rules our entire life.

This is not about the natural level of existence that exists in us, which we do not need to talk about or deal with. The internal level of existence that exists in every detail in reality, is in fact the point that interests us with regard to our human/social evolutionary development.

The gaps between these two points are the point of Inspiration of the individual and of the whole, of all mankind. Only this is a subject that we will have to learn how to realize, how to use the will in such a way that all the limitations that are felt within us at the moment, will break and disappear as if they did not exist in the first place.

I’m not talking about the Matrix. I’m talking about the lives of all human beings; their hearts, their feelings, and minds. To reach a point where their whole being is immersed in goodness and eternal fulfillment. This is called a middle line that decides between the two levels of existence, which includes within it both, and from which man was born. The same chosen creature called the lords of creation, which is slightly different from what we feel now.

We should define the two forces—positive and negative—operating in the machine of human development by two names: “egoism” and “altruism.

1) The egoistic force functions in a person similar to centripetal rays [a force that aims toward the center in a circular motion], drawing them from outside the person, and they gather within the body itself. 2) The altruistic serves as centrifugal rays [a force directing outward in a circular motion], which flow from within the body outward.

By these distinctions, I name the two forces that struggle with one another on the path of human development. I shall call the positive force, an “altruistic force,” and I shall call the negative force, an “egoistic force.”

By the term, “egoism,” I am not referring to the original egoism. Rather, I am referring to “narrow egoism.” That is, the original egoism is nothing but self-love, which is all of one’s positive, individualistic power of existence. In that respect, it is not at odds with the altruistic force, although it does not serve it.

However, it is the nature of egoism that the manner of using it makes it very narrow since it is more or less compelled to acquire a nature of hatred and exploitation of others in order to make one’s own existence easier. Also, it is not abstract hatred, but one that appears in acts of abusing one’s friend for one’s own benefit, growing murkier according to its degrees, such as deceiving, stealing, robbing, and murdering. This is called “narrow egoism,” and in that respect, it is at odds with—and the complete opposite from—love of others. It is a negative force that destroys the society.

Its opposite is the altruistic force. This is society’s constructive force since all that one does for another is done only by the altruistic force, as said above. Also, it ascends in its degrees: 1) The first facts of this constructive force are having children and family life. 2) The second ones are benefiting relatives. 3) The third is benefiting the state, and the fourth is to benefit the entire world.”

Baal HaSulam – The Nation

Ofer Nakash
Ofer Nakash
Ofer is a lecturer and facilitator of the integral approach to correct human integration. The main topics include understanding the meaning of life, interpretation of the Zohar, becoming more familiar with our true human nature and the human ego, expanding our emotional intelligence, tapping into our collective consciousness, and the integral education method. All of the above is based on 20 years of experience in the study and practice of the wisdom of Kabbalah.

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