How Will We Save The Children – And The Future?

What is the matter with us?  Why do we think that we have such power that we can rip families apart, judge those that are not of the same national origin as us, suppress those that have not come from a background of wealth and education?  What is a matter with us that we think that someone else will always step up and say something, do something, be the person that can stop that which everyone sees but no one seems to be able to stop?  Do we really believe one person can stop the insanity that is swirling?  Do we not see that our moral compass as a culture has broken?  Do we not understand that those that see the breakdown of humanity are afraid to speak?   We have allowed the bullies of the world to overtake those of us that want to do what is right.   Do we not see this?

Please people, this is not right.  The human contract is being broken.  Life’s most precious gift is that of a child.   How can we stand by and watch as those gifts are torn from the people who created them?  That we sit and wonder why we have suicide rates rising and yet we watch as a stoic news person is brought to tears because of the horror of what they have been tasked to report.  That we watch the news of school shootings and are numb to the pain that once was when we first heard of Columbine.   That after Sandy Hook we thought that would be the end and it wasn’t.  How many more have happened since?  Do you even know?  Do we even care about our children anymore?  Do we even care about any children anymore?

Please just stop believing the problem will be fixed by others.  Please just stop believing that you have no control over the decline of the human condition.  Please just stop pretending you are not a part of it.  Please just stop letting the bullies of the world keep your voice suppressed.

Please just stop believing the problem will be fixed by others.  Please just stop believing that you have no control over the decline of the human condition.  Please just stop pretending you are not a part of it.  Please just stop letting the bullies of the world keep your voice suppressed.  Humankind deserves better.  Our children deserve better.  You deserve better.  It’s time the power of the silent “we”overcome the power of the “they” that is breaking the moral compass of many.  Who will be the David to step up to the Goliath?  When will we as a culture ban together to show our true strength against the evils of the world around us?  When will we as a culture admit there is a problem so we can begin to find the solutions?  Please let it be soon, humanity depends on it.


Raissa Urdiales
Raissa Urdiales
Raissa lived most of her life along the shores of Lake Michigan in Wisconsin. She currently lives in the quiet city of Tega Cay, South Carolina, just across the border from the very active art community of Charlotte, North Carolina. Raissa has not always considered herself as an artist. She spent a great portion of her adult life staring into computer screens and managing computer system implementations and upgrades in the traditional corporate setting. It was through a chance paint night that she discovered her passion for painting. On her 51st birthday, she treated herself to some acrylic paints and brushes and has not stopped painting since. She balances her passion for creating with her day job as a systems analyst. In the wee hours of the morning, you will find her painting before she immerses herself in the technology that is consuming the world today. Although Raissa does not have formal training in the arts she is very conscious of the benefits it has on the human psyche. She holds a Bachelor's of Science majoring in Psychology where she focused her studies on Organizational Psychology. Through her corporate career, she has learned how to strike a balance between that which provides monetary reward and that which fulfills us as humans. For her, this balance is obtained through painting, writing, and exercise. She is currently a member of the Guild of Charlotte Artists where she exhibits select pieces during the quarterly art shows in and around the Charlotte Metropolitan Area. She has also submitted and is featured regularly in the Light Space & Time online gallery. When she is not painting or working with computer systems, she is writing. She currently has a column with BIZCATALYST 360° named “Artful Being” where she writes on topics both in and out of her corporate life to help others gain balance on what it is to be human.

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    • Honestly the amount of negative exhausts me. Trying to see the good exausts me. Trying to understand everyone else’s points of view exhausts me. The time for me to paint and add beauty is my only contribution at this point. I have no more words….

    • I do hope we begin to mend our society soon. In the meantime…I will paint to try to bring some beauty back to the world.

    • Thank you. If we were not so fearful of believing in God perhaps some of these tragedies around us could be recognized and we collectively could begin with the process of joining together and healing a culture that is pain. May you be blessed today and every day.