How Visual Technology is Helping Create Safer Fieldwork Environments

Technology has always played a pivotal role in building businesses and creating viable, sustainable workspaces. Even more so in today’s world where a whole lot of tasks, otherwise physically dangerous or impossible, have become doable thanks to automation and robotics.

One of the more important aspects of fieldwork is having a clear picture of the environment that the team will be working in. From plumbing work to tunnel construction, being able to see deep within and high above is crucial for planning and execution of work on the field.

Here are some examples of how visual technology has helped create a safer, more efficient work environment in the field.

Plumbing and Drainage

Most people wouldn’t bother giving this even a passing thought, but ensuring that plumbing and drainage in entire communities require work. Any obstruction in the main pipeline, especially if left unattended, can lead to bigger problems shortly.

Before any solution can be effectively implemented, however, the team should first be able to determine what the cause of the problem is, and where it is located. Because the pipes are deep underground, and in tight spaces usually, it would be physically impossible for workers to go down and see for themselves.

In this case, they will use a long, sturdy cable with a camera attached at the end for “eyes” for accurate septic and sewer systems inspection. With this, they can snake the cable along the underground walls and into the pipes, if necessary, to get a better diagnosis of the problem.

Rescue Operations

Another instance of technology bringing safety to fieldwork is during rescue operations. Forest fires, for example, need to be controlled at the earliest possible instance, otherwise, they will grow and spread to more areas. To be strategic, firefighters need accurate data as to the situation on the ground.

Since they cannot simply walk into the burning forest without knowing what awaits them, drones can be flown above for a bird’s eye view. At the very least, they can get an approximation of the scope of the fire, and where it’s tending to spread, depending on a variety of environmental factors such as wind direction. This way, the firemen can at least mitigate the harm that they will meet during these dangerous operations.

Construction Work

Major construction work sometimes entails digging deep into the ground for foundations, or building tunnels. For areas that are too tight and small, making it dangerous for human activity, the better option is to send down a roving camera to give the field workers a clear idea of the environment they’re working in.

Technology, such as those offered by SafeSight Exploration Inc., proves to be very helpful in these instances. Not only can they provide accurate imagery, but they can also provide important data regarding ground measurements, density, moisture levels, etcetera.

What these examples show is that visual technology such as drones, roving cameras, and cable cameras have all done plenty in improving fieldwork safety. Businesses and organizations involved in similar activities would therefore do well to invest in services providing these technologies.

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