How to Write a Living Resume?

Your resume is the story of your life. A living story is dull without experiencing problems to solve and the gained understanding and wisdom that helped you later solve bigger problems.

A living story is a fractal one. All living bodies are fractal. The question then becomes how to write a living fractal story of your resume? You need to show that your resume is that of a living person.

Resume Structure

The pioneering work of Tomas Pueyo suggested a ring structure for storytelling. Your resume is your story. It has a repeating ring structure (fractal rings similar to those found in trees). Each ring represents a mini-story of your life. The experience rings lead to the understanding ring and this is turn to the gained wisdom rings.

I shall use my own life as a model for the proposed ring structure. I want to explain how my stored experiences helped me to broaden my understanding and grow my wisdom.

Fractal story structure with each expanded ring of experience. A living body is a living fractal

Each ring represents a problem I had to solve. Upon finding a solution my understanding grew. How understanding helped me later solve bigger problems and grow again is what I want my resume to explain.

One of the early problems I faced was my poor handwriting. All my brothers enjoyed impressive handwriting from my father except myself.

One day my father asked us to summarize an article. I was then about twelve years old. The prize for everyone who wrote a good summary was a ticket to see a new Tarzan movie which my father knew we loved.

Glancing at my brothers’ handwriting mine looked dummy. My brothers laughed at me and I stopped writing. My father was happy with the summaries of my brothers and they got the tickets to go to the movie. No ticket for me because I failed to deliver. My initial reaction was grief and even hatred toward my brothers. Soon I realized this was not going to help me solve my real problem of my poor handwriting. I tried to write slowly. My handwriting improved but was short of what I desired.

This was one reason for me to learn how to use computers early so that the keyboard writes for me with more flexibility.

The lesson was problems are what gives a story its essence. People will love how you solved the problem. It is the story they want to hear.

Moving to the second ring in which I faced difficulty in preparing a known chemical to start my research. My wisdom gained from the first ring was enough to help me see the problem as an opportunity to seize. I found that all reported literature gave the wrong structure of the chemical because the chemical behaved anomaly. This led to a new discovery that earned me a scholarship.

My motto became Problems Are Welcome

The third ring was my working with a manager who sucked my life. He wanted to add his name to a research that I was invited to present to an international conference. I refused because he was not involved in the research at all. The paper got accepted. I applied for leave to present my research. The manager wrote to the DG “this is the lousiest research paper I have ever read”. He recommended the rejection of my request to leave.

The DG told me you can go on your own time and expense to present the paper. I did. Two months later an international specialized magazine highlighted the most four important research findings for that year. My conference paper was among them.

The manager was fired and I was promoted.

You see that every event in our lives is a ring and it is our duty to close the ring with a solution.

This is what a resume is mostly about. The rings scale up and so your understanding and wisdom should be. Now you may claim you are an experienced person. Just write on each ring the problem you saved, how you solved it, and the insights that you gained.


Ali Anani
Ali Anani
My name is Ali Anani. I hold a Ph.D. from the University of East Anglia (UK, 1972) Since the early nineties I switched my interests to publish posts and presentations and e-books on different social media platforms.

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