How to Use Client Feedback to Grow Your Business

Do you believe in viva voce? It is synonymous with the more common term – Word of Mouth. It’s a powerful promotional strategy aimed at people exchanging information with one another. Just like gossips, viva voce can spread as quickly as wildfire. No wonder that one of the most efficient forms of marketing today is influencer collaborations.

The important thing is to understand that both positive and negative feedback helps your business grow. Positive feedback nurtures your business and attracts potential customers and ambassadors. On the other hand, negative feedback helps you to identify the problems of the company operations. By knowing these issues, you will be able to pinpoint them and eventually, come up with a solution for improvement. So, how can you leverage customer feedback?

1. Build Your Overall Reputation

Customer reviews are the best thing to consider featuring in the promotion of your products and services. People provide reviews about the competency and reliability of the businesses they interact with. Other people trust them more than they trust the business itself. Therefore, if they want to verify the reliability of, say, writing service, they won’t go the official website of the company. Instead, they will probably google MyAdmissionEssay review and look at what other customers have to say on forums and social media.

Even on your own e-commerce website, the feedback section is the first place they’ll go to see how satisfied your previous clients were.

2. Improve your positioning

Every customer’s feedback is important to your business because it affects your rating. Let’s say a customer wants to purchase a product online. The first thing they’ll do is to filter all the sellers on sites like Amazon by the rating. One negative review makes the difference between 5.0 and 4.98 and affects your position in the list and your trustworthiness in the eyes of potential customers.

If you want to be on top, it’s a good idea to ask your customers for feedback in the follow-up message after they’ve closed the purchase. Why? Because satisfied customers rarely leave feedback without a prompt. They are just happy and carry on with their life. Whereas those who find the product or the service unsatisfactory won’t hesitate to vent their frustration in often very charged words. The result is a disproportionate number of negative reviews that don’t reflect the true state of affairs.

3. Increase Customer Retention

By the way, asking for feedback can help you retain the existing customers. Follow-up is also a sort of reminder to them. You can follow up on the client through email newsletters, offer limited discounts, or ask to complete surveys.

Some customers do not plan to buy after their first purchase. However, if you reminded them about the products and services that you offer, they might think about it and buy again. Also, you can inform them about your new products or services if there are any. This is the advertising technique for many restaurants and food chains. They promote their restaurants via TV commercials to remind people who are already familiar with their products and services that they are still there and, by the way, have some novelties on the menu.

4. Promote New Sales Opportunities

As we already mentioned, viva voce spreads like wildfire. It creates new sales opportunities because the customers themselves become your advocates. The success or downfall of the business depends on your relationships with the customers. If they are satisfied with your product AND customer service left them happy, they will surely tell their friends, colleagues, and relatives about you.

That is why it is so important to tackle cases of negative reviews until the reviewer is finally satisfied. Make sure to be responsive to your customers. Usually, they expect you to respond to them within at least 24 hours.

5. Identify the Strengths and Weakness

In assessing your business’ strengths and weakness, the client’s reviews are the most crucial to consider. Customers see holes in your strategy or lacunae in the offer that no marketing research could reveal. Their thoughts and emotions when they use the product or the service is the beating of the market pulse. Since they have hands-on experience with your current support team, technical tools you use, and your product itself in a variety of contexts, they are the most reliable source of information.

When they communicate what they need, your customers provide ideas for improving your business. For instance, if several clients asked how they can track an order, it’s a sign that such feature is in demand and you need to implement a solution for that.


Value your customer feedback regardless of its polarity, since both negative and positive is needed to supercharge your business. Offer discounts, coupons, and free services to make the customer feel valued. Make sure to practice transparency in your company. Regardless of issues and complaints, don’t hide them from the public. Customers will respect and trust you more if you know how to handle an unforeseen crisis. If you want to build your reputation, always think of your customers as your most valuable assets.

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