Ever sit through a vent session that made you want to escape?! Fast! Listening to people gripe is not fun (especially if it’s a spouse, kid or colleague). Good news though…therein lies the opportunity for a better future. Check out AmyKism #26 so the next time people are whining…you are listening for the win!

In the midst of a world where so many are disengaged, cynical and apathetic, isn’t it time for some fresh air? Isn't it time to join together in building a refreshing, new community founded upon “real” relationships, “real” thought leadership, and “authentic” engagement? NO Clutter. NO Spam. NO NO Fees. NO Promotions. NO Kidding. SIMPLY Pure Engagement Unplugged. ☕️ CLICK TO GRAB YOUR SEAT IN OUR NEW ENGAGE CAFÉ ☕️

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