How to Thrive During Tough Times – 7 Lessons from Great Leaders

legacy-leadership-izabella-lundbergby Izabela Lundberg, Featured Contributor

HAVE YOU EVER wondered why some business’ fail during tough times while others succeed?

Today’s decision-making challenges require a new perspective to not only survive but thrive as the economics of the country – and the world – continue to change

On a more personal level, you may reflect on your current situation at work, home or life and think that your situation is a “mission impossible”. Or maybe not. In the end, it’s all about perspective and attitude.

As you contemplate your own “mission”, you may give some thought to how famous leaders have navigated so well through seemingly impossible times. This, I believe, is where life gets really interesting…regardless of how big or small the events or situations that you are living with and through right now. Spolier alert: How you deal with Now has absolutely nothing to do with the local, national or global economy.

Based on my personal experience and collaboration with great leaders, these are the steps that may help you thrive during tough times:

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  1. Act Optimistically & Positively Your positive life view can make a critical difference in the outcome! Not surprisingly, many studies suggest that optimists see life more realistically than pessimists. And that this outlook can be essential in making the right business decisions. If you are struggling to keep your brain positive – retrain your thinking!
  1. Ask Coworkers & Team Members for Feedback – Engage your staff in the process of critical thinking and decision making; even in challenging circumstances like making cuts (budgetary savings) or restructuring your organization (streamlining the process).
  1. Be Courageous & Fearless By any measure, I believe that this is the most important virtue that makes aLeadership-risk-adversityll things possible. Courage is the key ingredient when making important decisions through fearless leadership, strategic & integrated innovation and, of course, sales and negotiations.
  1. Be Ready to Reinvent Yourself Moments of struggles are the best moments to embrace change and adapt as a leader! To thrive as a leader, you may have to make significant changes to your leadership style or business strategy. By focusing on the end goal, you will be able realize your highest and greatest potential!
  1. Keep Connecting & Networking It leads to more career satisfaction, promotions and higher pay! Not only can you leverage more support from your mentors and peers, you create a sense of belonging through personal relationships with high performing individuals and teams.
  1. Promote & Market More, Not Less Fight harder and smarter for your current and future customer! In difficult times, your competition may cut back on advertising. I say that this leaves more room for you and your organization to stand out and be more noticed.
  1. Seek Opportunities While Facing Problems You may be surprised how new trends and market needs will drive enhancement for a customer service. This is excellent opportunity to advance, support and provide additional value to your existing customers.[/message]

What do you think what else should be included in this list based on your experience?


Izabela Lundberg
Izabela Lundberg
As a passionate advocate of lifelong learning and thought leadership, Izabela proudly prides herself and ethically serves as a transformational leader delivering global business advisory, coaching, strategy through leadership and organizational development, and innovative learning High-Performance Impact Method™ framework at Legacy Leaders Institute. By aligning and supporting business growth objectives, she works side by side with executive leaders from Startups to Fortune 500 companies. For more than two decades, Izabela demonstrated a unique ability to identify, create, and deliver solutions to complex global business challenges with her unique perspective. As a result, she successfully increased talent and team engagement, performance, revenues, and overall organizational impact in dozens of selected companies. Today, Izabela helps talent and teams come together to accomplish more than ever before with her progressive solutions and worldview (living in six countries, speaking six languages, traveling to over 45 countries, and working with diverse teams from over 100 countries). Besides, Izabela earned a Master of Science in Leadership and Organization from the University of Denver with a focus on Strategic Innovation & Change and Organizational Development & Training. She is #1 International Best Selling author and her book, The World Messenger, that is highly respected by academics, athletes, and business leaders worldwide. To receive a signed copy, go to right NOW! Need to speak with Izabela right of way? Follow & Connect with Izabela on LinkedIn and email her at [email protected]. Game On, Champions!

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