How to Take Any Business from a Maze to Amazing


Whether you run a newsstand or a Five-Star luxury hotel, if you’re not the best at what you do, AND bewildering the competition read my new book;

The Experience Zone: Your Competitive Advantage

How to Take Any Business from a Maze to Amazing

Discover uncommon and distinctive business insights from a world-class luxury hotelier on how to elevate the customer journey and create breakthrough results. Knowing how to deliver experience over mere transaction creates emotional currency that will set you apart from the rest. There is nothing like this book on the market.

Unlike many business writers, I am not one on the outside looking in, giving advice that could be slippery at best. I am one of the leading experts in luxury and lifestyle hotel management.

What makes this book unique is its applicability to all businesses. Whether you have one customer or one million, “extreme” hospitality need be in every leader’s purview.

The Experience Zone is unlike most self-help and business books that claim to “show” the way. They don’t work because you can’t create another’s journey. The book and workbook are designed to address the “how-to” of your success story, not pursuing another’s shadow.

Having created and run some of the more iconic hotels and resorts in the country, I learned firsthand what it takes to be the best at what you do. I brought every hotel I ever managed to the top spot in their marketplace (20+ hotels) which eventually led me to run the #2 best hotel out of 50,000 in the USA according to TripAdvisor.(#1 was part hotel/part residence).

Business owners may think they are in the insurance, publishing, or shoe repair business.

Not so.

Everyone is in the happiness business, even those that practice medicine. The products or services we sell are just vehicles to that emotional currency.

You will find its pages to hold a refreshing look at business as a metaphor for life. This is the story I have been waiting to tell: How to break the current mold, recognize the limitations and myth of the status quo, break out of abundant mediocrity and competitive noise, and be wildly successful. Operating inside the “experience zone” has taken me to the top of my game and is equally applicable to you, whether you are running a Fortune 500 company, a newsstand, or a Five-Star Hotel.

Transaction is not service. Service is not experience. There is no room for mediocrity and “good enough” in a business that wants to be the best at what they do and outpace the competition. In my experience, I can tell you that above everything else, luxury is a mindset not to be confused with expense or the number of chandeliers hanging over your bed.

With outstanding examples, anecdotes, profound and original quotes, how-to workbook, entrepreneurs, leaders, and small business owners will learn how to trade in the effort that goes into remaining ordinary for what is recognized as extraordinary. This book shares newfound awareness on how to Tap in. Turn on. Stand out.

Become exceptional and best at what you do. It’s not enough to satisfy your customers. Have them fall in love with you.

Author’s Note: For more information or to pre-order, drop me an email at [email protected] or go to https://www.followyourbliss.today/contact.

Nanci Sherman
Nanci Shermanhttps://www.nancisherman.com/
Known throughout her career as a game-changer, Nanci was raised in New York City and earned a B.S in Journalism and Communications at the University of Colorado, Boulder. The hotel business soon caught her attention and she caught theirs. Having created and run some of the more iconic hotels and resorts in the country, Nanci learned firsthand what it takes to be the best at what you do, consistently bringing over twenty hotels to the number one spot in their marketplace. She led her last hotel to #2 best hotel in the USA out of 50,000. Windstar Cruises brought Nanci in to rewrite their Standard Operating Procedures, and they won best luxury cruise line in the world the following year. Nanci “evolutionized” the hospitality industry. Her re-imagination of the customer journey creates distinction in any market place. She consulted on leadership and motivation on three continents. Nanci is a Self-Enrichment and Leadership Coach and a Hotel Revolutionary. Her mantra is: To be outstanding, first you must stand out. Change your thoughts, change your outcomes. “Shift” happens!