How To Succeed In College: 6 Tips Every College Student Should Apply Inside The Classroom

Diploma Hat Graduation-college[su_dropcap style=”flat”]W[/su_dropcap]HETHER YOU ARE a college student or the parent of a college student, the beginning of a new semester is the perfect time to start a new routine, specifically inside the classroom.

Why do you think some students stand out, get high marks, graduate and have careers while millions are humbled, educated and jobless? Don’t be worried. The unemployment number is massive but we can fix it!

We see unemployment rates increasing, college debt increasing and moving back home with Mom and Dad as problematic. Let’s stop talking about the problem. Let’s direct the conversation to find a solution that works.

Being accepted into college is an achievement. Congratulations. Now what?

It’s time for you to shine. I believe anyone can stand out inside the classroom. You don’t have to be the smartest but you can control your behavior, your attitude and your actions.

My advice is simple.

Don’t just go to class – make meaningful relationships.

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Tip #1

Introduce yourself the first day of class

Set the tone for the rest of the semester with a firm handshake. This is a wonderful way to introduce yourself and make a purposeful first impression. Plus, it’s easier for your professor to put a name to your face, which is always helpful.

Tip #2

Sit in the front row

Exploring this valuable real estate opportunity sends a message to your professor that you want to focus and avoid distractions. This action speaks for itself and sends a strong non-verbal queue that you’re there to learn.

Tip #3

Ask questions

I’ve recognized a pattern of gratitude from professors when students are engaged and ask questions. This makes the lectures more fun and conversational. As a student, I love when my classmates ask questions, it clears up topics that may be unclear to many and motivates others to contribute and add value to the lecture.

Tip #4

Turn off technology

Tell Facebook that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Close the laptops and put the phones away. Technology is great for many things. However, it’s distracting and probably the most disrespectful action one can exhibit inside the classroom. I witnessed a professor kick a student out for being on their phone. Awkward. What a regretful way to lose the respect of your professor. Don’t miss an opportunity to add value to your professional network.

Tip #5

Network, network, network

It’s likely your professor can reach out to important people within the industry. Building relationships with your professors will be an incredibly valuable tool for your success outside the classroom. Every semester, professors put their name on the line and write students letters of recommendation. Networking with your professor is a smart action.

Tip #6

Keep in touch

Show off strong character. We need people and people need us back. Make these relationships advantageous for all parties and keep in touch. Drop a line mentioning you’ve applied some of the course material at work or during an internship. This could go a long way. Over the course of your college career you’ll have laid a strong foundation for your network. Keeping in touch with your professors shows you care.[/message]

Getting into college is good and graduating is even better but even after graduation day the job isn’t finished. Perhaps, it has only just begun. Standing out amongst your classmates is proving more important now than ever. Don’t just go to class- make a difference. Controlling your behavior, your attitude and your actions inside the classroom will allow you to stand out and build meaningful relationships.

Apply these helpful tips inside the classroom and position your future successes outside of the classroom.


Michael M. McCarthy
Michael M. McCarthy
MICHAEL M. McCarthy (M3) is a student-startup entrepreneur currently attending Penn State University pursuing a degree in Telecommunications. As the founder of OGOVO Communications, OGOVO Studios and OGOVO HD, Michael and his team are building software, developing mobile games, and producing digital & video marketing content for industries including commercial real estate, health, retail, hospitality and entertainment. Michael and his team at OGOVO Studios are releasing two mobile games during 2016.

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