How to Select the Best Oxy-Fuel Cutting Tip

Oxy-fuel cutting is one of the most effective and accurate cutting processes in the engineering fields. Of course, there are other types of cutting techniques out there. However, most people prefer using oxy-fuel cutting. With oxy-fuel cutting, you have a technique that’s easy to use, cost-effective, as well as robust. Going for about $250 – $350, oxy-fuel equipment is cost-effective and highly accurate. Plus, you can rent the equipment. Even more, the equipment doesn’t use electricity. Thus, you can use oxy-fuel cutting equipment in anyplace.

For efficiency, you require the best cutting tip. The market houses several types of regular as well as custom cutting tips. Plus, there are thousands of cutting nozzles out there. This makes it confusing when it comes to choosing a cutting tip that suits your explicit needs. However, this article has been prepared to make your work easy. Among other things, it contains the steps you need to select the right oxy-fuel cutting tip.

Seat Type

It’s always important to know the manufacturer, model, or the part number of your torch as it determines the seat type. Without the right seats, damage to the equipment might occur. Plus, dangerous flammable gas leakage may also result. Seats vary greatly depending on the torch model, so choose the one that best suits your needs.

Metal Thickness

When it comes to metal cutting, the thickness of the material being cut plays a significant role. The center hole of the cutting machine and the gouging tip are always sized to deliver the required amount of oxygen at the right pressure for a specific thickness.


Cutting tips of oxyfuel cutting machines are usually designed for specific applications, such as cutting, heating, and gouging. They can either be one piece of solid copper or a 2-piece hybrid featuring brass on the inner side and copper on the outer side. Certain cutting tips are uniquely designed for use with automated cutting machinery that delivers quicker, cleaner, and more precise cuts.

Fuel Gas

There are different types of gases utilized in oxy-fuel cutting operations. And different cutting tips are uniquely designed for each fuel gas.

Acetylene, for instance, is one of the hottest and most-versatile gas. It’s extremely easy to use and is well-suited for various purposes. Pre-heat time for cutting as well as gouging is relatively shorter since the flame temperature ranges from 5,600 to 5,800 F.

Propylene, on the other hand, uses a generic name for numerous types of gases. Typically, these range from specific gases, featuring their own chemical formulae, to gases which are primarily propane mixed with ethylene, as well as other chemicals that burn hotter than propane. With these types of gases, cutting, gouging, plus heating can be done with increased efficiency. Of course, the pre-heat times can be longer, but utilizing the right tip can eliminate this issue.

The Bottom-Line

Cutting metals requires precision. That’s why you require the right cutting tip. When shopping around for an effective, affordable, and functional cutting tip, consider the above steps.

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