How To Save Money On The New iPhone 12

You don’t want to splash out on a new iPhone, but you can’t resist the temptation. Not only will it make you appear younger and cooler, but the 12 is a straightforward alternative to getting your broken smartphone repaired. Sure, a quick fix sounds like a plan, until you realize it’s as expensive and leaves you without a device for a week.

Let’s face it – almost all of us depend on mobile devices. So, it makes sense to invest in the latest, high-quality releases. The iPhone 12 is at the top of the market, yet the price tag is scary. With that in mind, here’s how to reduce your expenses.

Go Smaller

As you might expect of Apple, they are covering all the bases with the iPhone 12. As well as the Pro and the Max, both of which are around the $700 mark, there is the Mini. Yes, the latter isn’t as powerful and doesn’t have as much storage space, but how much do you require? You have a tablet and laptop to take care of those needs, so all you need is something sleek, performance-centric, and long-lasting. The Mini will save you up to $200, depending on the model, so it’s an ideal place to start your search.

Use A Payment Plan

In days gone by, payment plans weren’t suitable. Sure, you could pay for an expensive phone over one to two years, yet you would pay more by spreading out your premiums. Suddenly, a $1,000 handset could be worth $1,250 or $1,500. Thankfully, the upgrade program allows you to kill two birds with a single stone. Firstly, it’s 0% interest for two years, so you won’t pay over the odds, but you will be able to pay in installments. Secondly, you can trade-in your old model to reduce the expenses even more!

Buy A Cover

A cover is a necessity nowadays because phones are light and easy to break. You can drop it on the floor and lose your new device. Obviously, the more repairs you need, the higher the cost of an iPhone, which isn’t great. But, purchasing wholesale phone cases also reduces insurance costs if you take out a plan with a third-party. A plan is essential as you can’t afford to cover the repair fees, yet you shouldn’t pay extortionate amounts in insurance. A cover limits the damage, and the insurer’s liability, making a policy less expensive.

Wait For A Promo

For those who are patient enough, you can wait for a promotion. After all, new editions are regularly released, so it won’t be long before the price of the iPhone 12 drops. Also, you can repair your old handset and milk it long enough to see a decent price reduction. Other than that, you will have to consider a second-hand or refurbished iPhone 12. If you buy it from a certified reseller, it should look brand new and perform without a hitch.

Are you in the market for a new iPhone? Does the 12 sound even more appealing now?

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