How to Run a Successful Social Media Campaign

Social media marketing is an integral part of a successful business strategy. Brands are looking to increase their presence on as many different platforms as they can.

The benefits of social media marketing include raising brand awareness, increasing revenue and website traffic, and gathering information about the customers.

Creating a successful campaign can be a challenge, especially if you are going up against strong competitors. To help you out, here are some tips that will increase the odds of succeeding with your social media marketing strategy.

Tip #1 – Look at Examples

Looking for campaigns that were successful ought to be one of the first things you need. It does not mean that you should copy and implement the same strategies, which would be more or less impossible. No, the goal is to get a better picture of how a campaign ought to turn out.

Oberlo collected epic examples of the best social media campaigns on their website. Take a look at them and think of these examples as a source of inspiration. And remember that if you are struggling, you can always look back at them as that will help you move forward with your own campaign.

Tip #2 – Have Defined Goals

Do not try to cover everything with a single campaign. Establishing yourself as an authority on any social media platform takes time and effort. And not doing a thorough job by dedicating each campaign to a specific goal will only complicate the situation.

If you are looking to raise brand awareness and drive more website traffic, create separate campaigns for that. It will be easier to maintain everything in check and keep track of data from insights.

Also, if you are going to advertise on multiple platforms, remember that they have differences as well.

Tip #3 – Research the Platform

Speaking of platforms, before you commit spending your business resources, find out what you can and cannot do on a platform. Some social media sites might not have rules against aggressive marketing and other tactics, but what applies on one platform does not necessarily apply to another.

Avoid wasting resources on something that is prohibited. It might not seem like that big of a deal on the surface level, but researching the platform itself is also important and recommended.

Tip #4 – Increase the Reach Collaborating with Influencers

Look for influencers that have the right demographic. Even if you are in a narrow niche, there should still be other brands and micro-influencers who can give you a shoutout and drive their audience to you.

Now do not expect these services for free. You will need to reciprocate. Whether it is paying money or sending them products that they can advertise on their profile, influencers will not help you without getting anything in return.

Tip #5 – Organize Contests and Giveaways

There is hardly any better content than giveaways if you want to get the most engagement and reach. People will participate if liking or sharing the post is the only thing needed to enter the contest.

Posts with attractive prizes can snowball and go viral, and this is exactly what you should be aiming for.

Tip #6 – Respond to Comments

You will not be able to respond to every comment, especially when the number of followers grows a lot. But you should still look to interact with the audience as much as you can. Show them that there is a real person behind the profile.

Tip #7 – Create a Group

Some social media platforms allow group creation. You can invite members and create a community that speaks about stuff related to your brand. Of course, being a member of the group itself should have some perks. Otherwise, people will not join or participate in discussions.

You can offer exclusive discounts or one-time deals to the members. That will incentivize them to be more active and even invite other people to join as well.

Tip #8 – Stick to Schedule

If you are aiming to post once every day, try sticking to that plan. Your audience will acquire certain expectations and will look forward to your new piece of content that day. Failing to meet those expectations does not bode well, as that might lead to people looking elsewhere or even unfollowing your channel.

Also, remember that even if you are struggling to come up with new and original content ideas, sacrificing quality for quantity is not a good strategy.

Tip #9 – Pay Attention to Insights

Keep track of data that you receive from insights and other analytics tools. Blindly guessing whether you are doing well or not is not something even worth consideration. On the other hand, having numbers right in front of you will tell how good or bad a particular campaign is performing and whether you need to make any adjustments or not.

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