How To Qualify a Prospect For The Sale

Qualifying a potential customer is about gathering all the necessary insights to decide whether or not they are a good prospect. Is it about selling to a certain prospect? What is the best way to close a deal or a sale? Does this lead fit your offer? What elements qualify a prospect for a sale? Like everything in life, it is not about looking for answers, but about asking the right questions. Only until you have qualified a lead or prospect will you know if it is worth investing your time and effort to sell to this prospect. You could consider implementing MEDDIC to get the answers to your questions.

How to Qualify

 As was said at the beginning, it is about asking the right questions so that you have the correct information from your prospect. You should focus on four main areas of questioning as indicated below.

1. Customer Profile

How closely does the profile match your ideal client? How big is the company? What industry are you targeting? What content is your prospect consuming on the site? How many pages of your site has the customer visited? Where are your ideal clients located? What tools have they used in the past? Is your digital ecosystem made to serve prospects through all possible digital channels? By answering all these questions, you will start to navigate the right path.

2. The Customer’s Needs

What are the needs of these prospects? Study their behavior to detect what they need the most. Is it about reaching certain income goals? Do not just think about the needs of a single person, but also those of the team and the company as a whole. What is the priority? Maybe let them know a little bit of what you offer them with a moment of awareness at the top of the funnel? Provide the user with more refined, specific information, landing on one of the many needs that your business can solve. Maybe you have already identified who you should sell to, that user who is ready to be invited to your sales office or almost waiting for the sales call. With this kind of prospect, you to offer a quote or a price catalog.

Do not lose sight of the fact that B2B companies are very different from B2C where you are selling to people, not to companies. You must know how to meet not only their needs, but also their desires and even know what their weaknesses are and what problems they need to sort out. Think about what results your prospects expect to get, and how those results are going to affect their team and their company.

3. The Decision-Making Process

How does the potential customer make decisions? How many people are involved? What departments are involved? What is their classic buying process? How long does it take them to buy a product or acquire a service? Some companies take a year or more to complete their buying process (if you need to close a sale in 3 months, those companies are not for you). When do they plan to buy? Maybe now they are not ready to buy, but in the future, they will be.

4. Competition

Who is the competition? What other brands or companies have the potential customer worked with? They could be evaluating your solution vs. building your own solutions? What are the prospect decisions based on? If you know the answers to all these questions, then you will give yourself a pretty clear and concise idea of ​​which customers are qualified and which are not.


Many times, prospects will show you an incredible unwillingness to give you substantial information. In some cases, their answers might be so vague and general that they will lack valuable information. If you come across a lead like this, there are one of two things to consider. Either it is that you are targeting the wrong prospect and they have no idea what you are talking about, or they just do not trust you. Make an effort to gain their trust or speak in simpler and more explanatory words.

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