How to Protect a Business from Intruders

As a business owner, you should learn how to protect your company from intruders. You know how important it is to ensure that no one enters your facilities without permission. Otherwise, there’s a risk the intruder might steal something, vandalize your property, or threaten and harm your employees.

Thankfully, there are different ways to keep your staff and your business safe. Protecting your business from intruders is a mission that can take many various forms. The good news is that all the measures you take add up, making your business a safer place.

Do your best to improve your security measures and create a safe environment for your employees. Adopt these following ideas to protect your business from intruders:

1. Secure the premises with security bollards

Security bollards are simple devices that you can install around your premises to prevent intruders from getting too close. Of course, bollards won’t keep intruders from approaching by foot, but they will make it impossible for them to come close to your business with a car.

Any thief who wanted to steal something from your property will have a hard time getting away with it if they can’t escape in a getaway car right after the deed.

2. Install a threat detection platform

Most intruders will lurk around businesses at night, while no one is there. Visitors with bad intentions can also show up during business hours, even though employees are working and customers are present. Your responsibility is to keep everyone in your facilities safe from harm.

threat detection platform combines video surveillance with artificial intelligence to detect intrusions, break-ins, guns, and suspicious behaviours or items. Such a platform will identify threats, alerting the security staff to act before something goes wrong.

3. Install security fencing around your facilities

Installing security fencing all around your facilities is a simple yet effective way to keep intruders out. Whether it’s tall electric fencing or simply a thin fence, thieves and vandals will be more likely to stay away from your business.

It can also be a good idea to reinforce windows and protect them with window bars. This idea will make sure no one will ever gain access to your building that way.

4. Install more lighting inside and outside

Many intruders are attracted to dark or poorly lit premises as it allows them to lurk without being noticed. To keep them away from your business, make sure it’s well lit from the inside out.

It could be a good idea to install lighting triggered by motion sensors. Whenever someone approaches the building at night, bright lights will shine on them. Effective lighting can be enough to keep some intruders away from your business.

5. Install an alarm system

If you don’t already have an alarm system, you need to get one installed. Cameras and sensors will be placed around your premises. The alarm will sound whenever an intruder is detected during the night.

The sound of the alarm could be enough to scare off thieves and vandals. If intruders persist, your alarm system can be set up to call law enforcement. Plus, surveillance cameras will capture footage that can be used as evidence against criminals.

6. Lock your doors with strong locks

On top of having an effective alarm system in place, you could replace the locks on your building’s doors with strong and durable locks. Different types of commercial locks can help keep your business safe. Some locks can be linked to your alarm system.

Others feature a keypad, an access card reader, or a fingerprint reader. You can also purchase smart locks that can only be activated with the right smartphone app. It’s all about getting the right type of door locks for your needs.

7. Display signage to deter intruders

If you have an alarm system, an electric fence, a security guard, or even a guard dog protecting your business, don’t hesitate to display signage to warn possible intruders of the measures you have taken.

Many would-be criminals will not stay around to check whether you truly have a functional alarm system or a security guard. It means that simply displaying the signage could be enough to deter them and protect your business.

8. Implement a visitor management policy

Depending on the size of your business, it might be difficult for employees to notice when unauthorized personnel enters certain areas. Even if someone noticed a visitor who seems out of place, they might not know how to react.

This is why you should consider implementing a visitor management policy. Such a policy should help your employees determine who has access to the premises and who doesn’t. It will also let you know what to do in the presence of an intruder.

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