How to Process Payments for Your Online Store

You’ll want to find a safe and secure payment processing system for your online store to give both your customers and yourself peace of mind when it comes to their money. Many POS systems can process online payments as well as physical point of sale payments. A good POS system can serve other functions beyond payment processing as well; from managing inventory to creating customer profiles. Here’s how to process payments for your online store using POS systems and other tools like PayPal.

The Importance of Payment Processing

Payment processing in a safe and responsible way is crucial to keeping your online business running and trusted by your customers. With so many data breaches in recent years from some major retailers, customers are on edge when giving out their personal and bank information online; especially when it comes to a new site they’re unfamiliar with.

A secure payment processing option will help set customers at ease and build a reputation of concern for security for your business. When customers know that you take their information security very seriously, they’ll take your business more seriously and be more willing to provide their information and make a purchase.

Whatever payment processing option you choose, you’ll need to ensure it fits in your budget. For help creating a business budget, try hiring a financial advisor. Use the Careful Cents site to compare the best financial advisors in San Diego, California.

Unlimited Options

There are so many payment processing options for online retailers available on the web. PayPal used to be the standard in online payments, but with the rise of modern POS systems, PayPal has taken more of a backseat to the online payment world. Although it’s still one of the most widely used payment platforms available, there are countless other options that online businesses can choose from.

Vend HQ

A widely used and trusted payment processing option is Vend HQ. Vend’s POS software is some of the most sophisticated yet simple payment processing options available. With seamless integration with your favorite e-commerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce, Vend is a simple and effective way to provide secure payment processing for your online business.

Vend is the best option for retailers who need a POS system they can trust. With real-time inventory synchronization, your stock will constantly be updated for the most accurate inventory counts possible. No more scattered and inaccurate inventory counts; Vend will keep track of every transaction and product in your online store.

When customers see that you’re using Vend to process payments, they’ll feel at ease knowing you’re using a trusted, secure POS system. Don’t take a chance with your customers’ money; use Vend POS for your online site for maximum efficiency and security.

Square POS

Square POS is another great option for online stores, as it easily integrates with existing e-commerce platforms, or you can opt to use the Square e-commerce platform. This will ensure that everything is synced up to one location, and you don’t need to pay for several platforms at once.

Square has a simple, easy to use interface that’s quick to learn and that your customers will have no trouble navigating. The POS option also accepts just about any payment method you can think of, so you’ll be able to accept payments no matter what option your customers prefer.

With the ability to create a free online store on your custom website, integrate with existing e-commerce platforms, and accept various payment methods, Square is one of the best POS options for both small and large online businesses alike. No monthly fee is required, but instead, you’ll pay a percentage plus $0.30 per transaction.


PayPal is still one of the best and most secure ways to accept payments online. Customers won’t have to provide their information to strange websites, but instead, using their PayPal account will send a payment through the third-party website securely. PayPal stores the information directly within their website, so you’ll never have any access to customer credit card information.

PayPal is incredibly secure and safe, giving your customers that essential “at-ease” feeling that they should have when shopping online. If your customers don’t feel their information is secure on your site, they’re more likely to disengage and shop elsewhere.

PayPal offers plenty of tools to help you grow and expand your business as well, making it a worthwhile tool to have at your disposal. Accepting payments will incur a minor charge on a per-transaction basis, so you’re only paying for what you process.

Stripe POS

Stripe is an advanced POS system that can quickly and securely process customer payments on your site. Built to reach global audiences, you can accept payments from just about anywhere in the world; infinitely expanding your potential customer base.

Using the Stripe platform can help you expand your business, according to the company’s website. Even Lyft, the large rideshare company with over 700,000 users, is using Stripe to help process payments securely.

Stripe is also a per-transaction service, with a payment structure similar to PayPal. You’ll pay 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction, with no monthly or annual service fees of any kind. There are also no setup fees, so you can get started with Stripe right away for almost no cost.


The more secure your payment methods are, the more your customers will trust your business and keep returning to buy your products. These four payment processing options offer security, reliability, and excellent customer service to drive your business to the next level and keep customers coming back again and again.

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