How to Plant a Spiritual Seed

It’s Spring! Time for planting seeds that will be nourished and flourish toward the sky!

This includes both kinds of seeds … physical and spiritual.

Did you know there were two kinds?

The spiritual seed is an idea … thought energy, that flows from that energetic form, to … and through form (that’s you and me) and into a different form, matter, holding the thing you wanted in your hand.

Imagine that all ideas are already here in constant circulation.

Ideas are not stored in our mind or brain; they are gifts; offerings from the universe via the ether, with which we cocreate our lives.

The acorn is the seed of the oak tree. It is dying as it lies on the ground … until and unless it is planted.

  • Were we to slice open the acorn and examine it under a microscope, nowhere would we see any semblance of an oak tree.
  • Rather what is contained therein is the DNA required to attract whatever is required for the seed to root and then sprout up toward the sky.

The spiritual seed is the same, save one thing. We can predict when the oak tree will burst through the soil because of experience, climate, and conditions over time.

  • The change from thought energy into physical form is determined by universal law and determines every manifestation. All we can do is plant, nurture and observe, as we do with the physical seed.
  • A spiritual seed also must have its own DNA to attract to us what is required for us to have the thing we want.
  • When we get an idea, there are no roots; simply thought energy; the idea.
  • A seed without root is delicate and must be tended to every day.
  • The tending is seeing in our mind’s eye life with our already having what we want.
  • This causes us to feel happy with an associated positive overall vibration which IS the DNA required to draw the result to us.
  • Tending daily quickly fills the idea with the DNA required for manifestation into physical form.

While we can’t always know the precise day of manifestation, we can tell by the signs that we are getting close to having what we set out to achieve.

The acorn’s journey is in one place; the idea’s journey into manifestation moves from expectation, then to a firm opinion it will manifest, and then, when unexpected contributions start to show up by way of opportunities of people, we are on the brink of faith, knowing that the idea will manifest.

It’s moving the conscious idea to the subconscious via repetition, where it lives like the truth.

Steps to planting a spiritual seed gathering the DNA required along the way for manifestation:

  1. Pick something you want very much and that you’ve not done before.
  2. Make sure it has a positive impact on others; your why.
  3. Picture yourself already holding or enjoying it from day one.
  4. Over several months (a plumb time for manifestation to occur), take action each day to remind you of why you want this to manifest. What difference will it make for others?
  5. Only take on a new activity IF it furthers the idea into physical form during the ‘gestation’ of your idea into form.
  6. Keep the idea to yourself until you are sure it is going to manifest. Sure? People and opportunities seem to pop up in your world, like ‘magic.’
  7. They aren’t coincidences. They are the result of the way you feel about already having achieved what you want. Your cellular vibration.
  8. Now the DNA is built, developing the roots required to blab it to the world, if you want.
  9. It’s a done deal. You have perfect Faith that you ‘will’ hold it in your hand.

We manifest all our lives. The power is distinguishing what we did to achieve previously and repeating the process to influence results in our favor. It is this consistent, repetitive process that has us move from ‘haphazard or sporadic results’ to consistent, predictable ones


Leslie Flowers
Leslie Flowers
Leslie Flowers, a trailblazer for women in business and emerging enterprises, is an industry-recognized authority on results and achievement and teaching business principles, universal law, and mindset over 17,000 hours over fifteen years. Leslie developed her Flagship Leadership Mastermind in 2013, the 8 Essentials of Performance and Achievement, for which she developed an agile framework to aid her clients in being in full control of their lives and have influence over conditions and circumstances. Certified coach and consultant (LSC), speaker (CS), and author of seven books, Leslie’s greatest joys in business include mentoring women to “ask for what they deserve … and be paid,” and creating leadership development mastermind training and teams to emerging enterprises.

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  1. I have a mini orchid, Leslie, and it is flowering beautifully. My friends came over and were in awe and asked what I did and how they took the plant out of the pot and let the roots wet watered and a whole lot of procedures – that generally didn’t lead to much flowering. I had been more lackadaisical, giving the plant only little water and sunlight when it didn’t sprout a flower stalk, and more generous when it does.

    My point with this is related to the tending of the idea. Can we overdo it? Sometimes it needs to just be left alone to “germinate”; not ignored but not forced to grow faster than it is ready for. That obviously depends on what kind of idea we are discussing, but no carrot grew faster by us pulling it out of the ground to check on its progress.

    Your thoughts?