Starting any journey with the end in mind makes perfect sense. But when it comes to career kickstarts, changes and progression, it’s important to think about the embarkation point and plan from there.

Think of your career as your course through life. For some it’s a direct path, from point A to point B. For most others, it’s a myriad of avenues and turns, providing a variety of opportunities.

If you’re at a point where you want to make a difference with your work, progress in your career and find happiness along the way, then it’s important to get a grasp of your career superhighway and take stock of where you are now and what’s next (and after that).

Here’s an outline of 10 stages you might experience over the course of your career. (Click here to tweet this list.) You may follow a linear path or jump back and forth through different stages. Remember, any direction you move through them is perfectly fine, as long as you’re moving in a direction that makes sense for you. Always remember your career is yours to drive, and the choices you make are yours alone.

via Tracking Your Professional Journey: How to Move Through the 10 Stages of Your Career.

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