How To Make Your Website More Appealing With Instagram

You may always be looking for a way to get more footfalls to your online fashion store, which is not that easy. With the high acceptance of social media platforms, it has become easier for the marketers to create alternate social media pages to do promotional campaigns, but still dragging the users from a social media platform to land on your store or product page remains tedious.

Instagram as a tool

With more than 800 million monthly users, Instagram is the most thriving social networking platform now, which is also proving out to be an effective marketing platform. Almost 70% of the global brands are out there on Instagram by the year 2017. The announcement made official last year by Instagram was that they are planning to maintain a 50-person dedicated team at New York office to focus on the e-commerce features for their app. So, for marketers:

  • If there is any good time to double down on social marketing, the time is now, and it’s on Instagram.
  • The apt way to enhance traffic and sales through Instagram is to try and grow your business your account.

Some quick tips for the beginner to help grown on Instagram are:

  • Post content regularly, i.e., three images per day, daily Instagram stories, and a live content weekly, etc.
  • Follow the competitors’ avid followers and comment and like their content.
  • Leverage the scope of influencer marketing and hack the quick growth potential from paid account promotions.

Some of the sales channels are proving to be highly profitable, and some others don’t. To succeed in this highly competitive sector, one should test and refine your Instagram strategy to get a brand reputation and drive more traffic. With all these points in mind, we will try to put together five solid ways to increase traffic to your e-com site and improvise sales.

  1. Increase fashion store sales with Facebook/Instagram ads

On thinking of dragging in more traffic to your e-commerce store and get more sales, the premium ad platform of Facebook and its subsidiary Instagram is a great option to consider. When compared to Google, Facebook ads have a lower cost per click rates and can now bring in a lot leads to your website. Some tips to get the most out of Facebook/Instagram ads are:

  • Make use of the industry-specific acquisition campaigns if you are trying to promote your fashion store to drive targeted, but moderate traffic to the web pages and cookie the visitors to do remarketing.
  • Try to create some dynamic product ads for retargeting the users who visit particular product pages, add products to the cart, dropped before check out, etc.
  • Use some well-designed carousel ads too to showcase the top-selling, featured, or products with special offers.
  • Try using video content or emojis to capture instant attention on the timeline feed.
  • Do A/B testing of various ad placements and combination for a better ROI.

To meet all these requirements at best, it is essential to hire an expert or take professional consulting. Smart strategies as to buy real Instagram likes etc. can also be tried out.

  1. Increase traffic with CRO

If you own a matured brand and steadily gets 600+ transactions every month, then CRO (conversion rate optimization) may be an ideal avenue to try out. For this, you have to collect quantitative and qualitative data for analysis and try to figure out the potential reasons for why people switch away from your product pages without buying.

This is very important regarding maintaining a fashion website. With the right insights from data analytics and qualitative assessment, you can further decide over any design or functional changes on your online storefront. This also needed to be done with expert help to get real insights and readjustment plans.

  1. Get more traffic to your fashion store through SEO

Backlinks are the fundamental concepts when it comes to getting more traffic through search engine optimization (SEO).  You can give a link to your site from the Instagram profile, which needed to be done effectively to generate interest in the users to click on the clink. The value of your backlinks will give your domain a score out of 100 as the domain ranking. It is the domain ranking which decides where to display your domain name on Google search results against specific keywords.

  1. Promote Instagram on your fashion site too

There are many ways to incorporate your Instagram account on your web pages. The easiest way is to add an Instagram feed to the top corner of your homepage. You can even make a dedicated page for Instagram. You can find that many of the leading fashion brands have created a “Shop Insta” page, through which the Instagram follower can purchase their desired products as featured on the Instagram wall.

As the users are mostly on social platforms like Instagram, they can see the latest products featured on their walls and then land to the product page to buy the item if interested. For this, you have to create a dedicated page on your site which showcases all the Instagram photos you post with links to the product page.

  1. Take full advantage of hashtags

As we know, hashtags play a crucial role in Instagram marketing. They let the followers access the most relevant content for them as like keywords in web search. So, using the most appropriate hashtags and in the right proportion will help get more traffic to your fashion store website. Remember, it is so easy to get carried away with wrong hashtags. Here are some smart tips:

  • Don’t put more than 5-7 hashtags to make it decent and readable.
  • Always put in the most relevant hashtags, don’t put hashtags irrelevantly just because they are trending.
  • As like keywords, do some serious hashtag research to which all are trending in your niche.
  • Be creative while considering hashtags and you can also think of new trends brand/product specific hashtags to be promoted.

These are only a few initial steps to start with, and once on sailing through the process and start to win more traffic, you can plan out for more intensive and premium strategies to generate leads and more sales through the same platform.


Harris Scott
Harris Scott
HARRIS is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings.

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