Have you ever wondered why some content gets so much attention on social media? Do you ever ask yourself why that article you wrote on The Impact Of Social Reinforcement On Branded Content, although incredibly well researched and insightful, only got 2 tweets (and one of them by a robot account)?

Do you ever ask yourself why you even bother creating content anymore, and why you shouldn’t maybe just give up all of this content marketing nonsense and go back to accept that manager position at the McDonald’s you were offered when were 17, only to wallow in self-pity every night due to your inability to achieve greatness?!

Well, you can finally tell those thoughts goodbye, because after you finish reading this article, you will finally be on the right path to creating exceptional content. But first, what you need to understand is that your content won’t become exceptional overnight. No, you will need to practice the methods laid out in this article over and over again until they become a habit and, in turn, exceptional content creation becomes a standard you always meet.
Create P.E.A.C. content

It all depends on the reaction we get from other people. You can call this “audience engagement” or “social reinforcement,” but in the simplest sense, good content is content that gets shared and backlinked. How do you create exceptional content? You need to strive to create P.E.A.C. content.

P.E.A.C. stands for Practical, Entertaining, Awe-Inspiring and Credible. Any content that can successfully be called “P.E.A.C.” is bound to get attention. Even if you create content that only manages to cover one or two letters from P.E.A.C., you will still produce content that increases traffic to your page. Striving for P.E.A.C. will push you to create content that is addictive and worthy of backlinks.

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