How to make Your Business Safer

Businesses are under threat! They are put in the firing line every day when workers fail to follow safety protocols, don’t have the correct equipment to wear or fail to comprehend the importance of digital security. These issues can lead to fines from compliance officers and liability claims from employees that affect the bottom line of the business. Here is how to avoid these issues.   

Conduct a Safety Audit 

There are two ways to conduct a safety audit in your business, conduct one on your own using your own staff and resources, or conduct one using a risk consultant. Both methods have their advantages, but one thing they have in common is the necessity of a routine safety audit. 

A safety audit looks at the four pillars of your business, ensuring that regulation is covered, program requirements are met, documents of compliance are in place, and employee training is effective. Conducting a routine safety audit ensures that your business is safe and compliant.

Implement Drug Screening 

Today, many businesses are implementing drug and drink screening tests to protect staff and the business; they also aim to reduce the risks of illness as a result of using drugs and alcohol. If you’re interested in making your workplace safer or you need regulation compliance, read on. 

In order to carry out drug screening effectively, you need proper blood testing. which you can acquire from various drug screen agencies. Partnering with a drug screen agency is the best way to implement drug screening in your business that improves productivity and reputation. 

Regular Staff Training 

Hazards in the workplace differ depending on what industry you operate in; that said, there are usually some best practices that can’t be understood unless proper training is given. In most businesses, safety training is provided at the onboarding stage, but ongoing training is needed. 

Most businesses have a staff turnover, or new regulations come into place; this can interrupt the safety regulations and status of your business, leading to accidents and fines. The best way to avoid these outcomes is to provide regular safety training for staff and employees regularly. 

Provide Safety Equipment 

Again the safety of your business often depends on the industry you operate in. For instance, heavy industries require workers to wear hard helmets and steel toe boots, but the safety requirements are different in an office setting – consider floor wires and electrical appliances. 

In either case, you need to make sure your business provides the proper safety equipment to staff to remain compliant and to avoid liability. These days, safety equipment might extend to coronavirus protection, such as adequate hand gel stations, ventilation, and eye protection.  

Digital Security 

Safety in the workplace isn’t only about the physical safety of your employees and workers; it also means the digital security of the business. Cybercrime is at an all-time high, so you need to make sure your network is secure to protect customer data and that your employees understand the importance of cybersecurity in the workplace; consider some SaaS software or an MSP.

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