How To Make Building A New Business Premises As Stress Free As Possible

When your company has reached the stage where it needs to expand, you may also want to consider building a whole new location for it to continue to grow. Many business owners, however, avoid this option because of the amount of stress that comes with creating a new facility and instead choose to rent out a larger location. While this technique is viable, it does not produce the same results as constructing a new structure. So, what is the solution to this problem? Take a look at how you can make expanding your business and creating a new location stress-free (or as stress-free as possible).

Let your employees know

Informing your employees should be the first thing you do before making any plans for your new construction. After all, they are the heart and soul of your company and have contributed to its success. Set up a meeting to discuss your company’s future ambitions so that your staff can figure out new ways to go to work while also becoming enthused about the future of the company. The sooner you inform them, the more likely they are to continue with you through the changes that are about to take place. It would be a shame to lose a valuable employee, especially when the company is poised to take a giant leap forward.

Have a budget ready

When it comes to having a new building constructed, many business owners make the mistake of not setting a budget ahead of time. Obtain estimates from builders, electricians, plumbers, and decorators so that you can put together a budget that you can (hopefully) adhere to. Once you’ve gotten estimates from everyone, save them somewhere safe so that if companies try to charge you more, you’ll be able to show them their quote and keep the price as low as possible. Be prepared for any modifications or mistakes that may cause you to go over budget, but attempt to stick as close to your initial estimate as possible.

Always think about safety

While builders and other contractors have their own safety rules, you should create a set of guidelines and a guidebook for them to follow. To help you in developing your guide, speak with your insurance provider to discover what kind of incidents they can cover. Things like requiring your builders to utilise the safest equipment and machinery to guarantee that your new building is as safe and well-built as possible are examples of safety standards you should include. You could even look for equipment, such as a concrete pump truck for sale, and recommend it to your contractors.

Come up with a marketing plan

Another crucial aspect of constructing a new workspace for your company is informing your customers about the change. The same logic applies to your employees as it does to you. Perhaps some of your clients found your store or premises convenient, and they will need to make preparations to visit your new location? Notifying your consumers as soon as possible will help create excitement for your grand reopening.

Use social media to announce the opening of your new building and invite everyone to an opening party. You could also create a promotional code that people can use within the first week of your new location’s opening. Anything that will help drive more people through your doors and generate excitement will benefit your business much and keep you from being stressed when no one shows up on the first day.

Seek the best location for your new premises

Throughout this post, we’ve addressed location a few times, and it all has to do with staff and customers finding their way to your new site. To alleviate this concern, try to select a location for your new premises that isn’t too far from your old one (unless that’s one of the reasons for moving), but is in a better location. Maybe you’d like to relocate closer to a town centre to attract more customers? Or perhaps you’ve discovered the ideal location in a residential area where your presence would make their lives much easier. In any case, consider carefully about where you want to set up shop so you don’t miss out on any business.

Find professional help

It’s not just about where you’re going to build your new business space; it’s also about how you’re going to build it. When it comes to giving your consumers the greatest possible experience and ensuring that you and your employees can accomplish their duties quickly and easily, design truly does matter. Consider hiring a project manager to assist you in creating the ideal design for both customers and employees. You may also consider hiring an advisor to back up or argue your decisions to ensure that every decision for your new business premises has been thought through carefully.

Create a plan of action

Finally, make a work plan for the construction site as well as your current business location. You’ll most likely be bouncing between the two places to make sure everything is working smoothly, so make a list of the following items to include in your work plan:

  1. While you’re dealing with the new building concerns, appoint a second in command to operate your business. This will allow you to unwind and focus on the task at hand.
  2. Set a list of duties for everyone to complete each day so you know everything will get done while you focus on making sure the new construction goes well.
  3. Visit your new structure at least once a day during the week to see that the builders are following the blueprints and to assist in the resolution of any difficulties that may arise.

As you can see, constructing a new location for your company does not have to be as unpleasant as you may have anticipated. If you follow these steps, you’ll soon find yourself opening your new business and wondering why you didn’t do it sooner! Best of luck!

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