How To Make an Empowered Decision

Dear ones, decision making is not nearly as difficult or as complicated as you try to make it. We have a simple solution for you and we advise that you apply this fix to every dilemma.

Nothing that would be of benefit to you is ever being withheld

Whenever you find yourself becoming filled with anxiety or overcome by nervous tension we want you to relax. No problem can be solved if you come at it from a place of fear but every problem will be remedied when you approach with a relaxed and confident attitude. It matters not that you are unsure of the answer, it’s only imperative that you trust that an answer will be forthcoming as long as you stay aligned with Divine mind.

Nothing that would be of benefit to you is ever being withheld however, much of the information that’s being provided goes by you unnoticed.

This is because every minute you spend tense, frightened or worried is a moment you’ll spend out of alignment with Source. When you’re on the wrong frequency, only little bits of information are received and even these could be distorted.

Decision-making process should be a simple observation in what feels best to your heart

It’s the faulty reception, the no reception and the lack of alignment that’s causing you to believe that decisions should be difficult to make, fraught with anxiety or easy to screw up. In truth, the decision-making process should be a simple observation in what feels best to your heart. There should not be a sense of panic, the anticipation of pain or the feeling that failure is likely.

The fact that those thoughts occupy your mind indicates that you’re making your decisions from the lowest vibration of fear instead of from the high vibrational, empowered place of certainty.

It’s you out of alignment vs you in alignment and guided by God.

Five-step decision-making process

Because we want you to succeed and achieve maximum value in every area of your life, we’re going to share with you a five-step decision-making process that will enable you to make empowered decisions, to act with certainty and without hesitation and to move forward with surety.

Use the breath to facilitate relaxation

The first step you must take is to relax completely. Don’t just take a deep breath and tell yourself you’re now relaxed. No, do the work! Close your eyes, find areas of tension and use the breath to facilitate their relaxation. If this exercise is not sufficient than engage in a period of physical activity until you can sit calmly and relax your body.

Create two picture screens in your mind

Second, you must clear your mind. Again, pretending that you’re mind is clear will not work. If you cannot obtain a state of calm, clear when you close your eyes and relax your body then get out pen and paper and write down every stray thought that enters your mind. The annoyance of this rigorous practice will quickly encourage you to create a more disciplined mind. Once you have created a neutral space, a space of non-judgment, create two picture screens in your mind.

Begin the decision-making process by feeling your way forward

Third, allow the screens which are both neutral to have a picture of the two possible outcomes that could result from your decision. (If there are more than two outcomes compare two at a time until you reach a place of certainty). Staying in your relaxed place of non-attachment look at the screens in front of you. Now begin the decision-making process by feeling your way forward. When you look at both screens from a neutral place does one feel more possible or like a better match for you? Looking at the best match walk closer and see how the decision or ending place feels as you draw near. Now move back to your neutral starting point and look at the other screen and feel your way toward that possible outcome. This part of the exercise indicates you approaching your future and assessing your comfort level with each outcome.

Why you prefer one outcome over another one

In step four, you must begin asking detective questions to yourself about why you prefer one outcome over another one. Don’t be satisfied with this one feels better than the other one, instead learn to ask yourself, why? “Why does this outcome make me feel better? What do I gain? What will I learn? How will I grow? How does this further my life purpose?” Once you get used to stepping outside of the fear-based ego you’ll step into alignment with the Divine mind that has infinite sight and intelligence and will help you guide your life in the direction of your highest good and most growth. In addition, messengers, such as the angels and ascended masters will also guide you and support you toward the end product that most facilitates your life purpose. God is your overarching guide and the angels are your support team that will help make life flow more smoothly. It’s imperative that you make use of all the help that’s available if you want to make empowered decisions.

Stop and look back at the events that have transpired

Look around at the landscape of your life. Does it glow with health and vitality or is it anemic and in need of an intervention?

Once you have felt your way toward the best decision and then analyzed why that decision is best for you, finalize your choice by walking to the screen of your choice, pausing to give yourself the sense of arriving. Feel the impact of the decision, the fullness of the consequence of your choice and now move beyond your decision. Once you’ve moved a certain distance ahead, stop and look back at the events that have transpired between your decision that is now in the past and your future present (the place you’re now figuratively standing). Once again see how you feel. You’re now living with the decision you’ve made. How do you feel? Look around at the landscape of your life. Does it glow with health and vitality or is it anemic and in need of an intervention? If at any time along the decision-making process you become confused, uncomfortable or stuck reach out to the angelic realm and ask them to provide guidance and assistance for your life.

Make your choice from an empowered position

Stay away from fear, discipline your body and your mind to be in a place of harmonious balance with the Divine. Feel your way to the best choice and then dig down to find why you’ve made that choice. Finally, go ahead in time and look back upon all that’s happened. Now you’ve made your choice from an empowered position.


Marcia Martin
Marcia Martin
Marcia Martin M Ed – The Heart Healer, is a personal empowerment coach, channel, bestselling author, and podcast host on Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network who specializes in helping people heal their relationship with themselves. By healing the heart of all past pain and trauma you’ll be able to establish and maintain healthy relationships with yourself and all others so you can live a successful life. Her unique, heart-centered, energetic, healing approach, Angel Heart Healing, enables you to build the perfect relationship with yourself and answer the questions, “Who am I? Why am I here? and Where am I going?” Marcia will help you release your greatest fear so you can achieve your biggest dreams as you heal your heart and transform your life. Schedule your, thirty-minute Angel Heart Healing Breakthrough mini-session at or join the Healing Hearts Community at and be supported by Marcia and other like-minded individuals who are committed to personal empowerment.

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