How to Keep Your Team Motivated at Home

Working from home may sound like a dream job. But as more employees begin working from their abodes, they’re starting to see the reality isn’t quite as paradisal as they first thought. That can lead to a lack of motivation. However, as a team leader, there are methods you can use to ensure your team remains highly focused and motivated at home.

Create a Growth Mindset

Even if you have a dazzlingly talented team, it can be a struggle for them to retain their star performances when they suddenly have to adapt to working from home. You can help to motivate your team members by coming up with new challenges for them. Focus on both personal improvement and work-related performance goals. By combining those two elements, you foster a growth mindset. That means, regardless of what level someone is at in their career, there is always room to expand further. The more employees are focused on achieving things, the more motivated they will be.

Feed Your Team

There are all manner of management tips and tools you can use to keep your team members motivated while they work from home. But one of the best may be the simplest: keep those hunger pangs at bay. Delivery services like Snacks With Bite provide a range of snack boxes containing healthy and tasty treats that are delivered right to employees’ doors. Keep your team members fed, and the idea is that they will be happier and more motivated. If it increases productivity in the long-run it’s a worthwhile investment to make.

Retain Social Continuity

While it’s true that the digital age allows us to communicate and collaborate more easily and efficiently than ever before, the internet can also act as a communication barrier if we let it. In the office space, you would surely check in with your team members regularly to see how they’re doing. So, don’t treat employees working from home any differently. Don’t wait to communicate until there is a problem or a project matter that needs to be discussed. Check-in with each member of your team once or twice a day, just to say hello and ensure you continue a communicative connection. It’s also vital that team members themselves communicate daily with each other through apps and other methods. Regular check-ins enable your team to feel included and more motivated.

Create a Visual Scoreboard

Although it’s important that your team members communicate between themselves each day they work from home, it is also vital that they have a clear idea of their shared goals. By creating a visual scoreboard, you can indicate performances and priorities for the whole team. Set aside a regular time, every week, or fortnight, to update the visual scoreboard and ensure the data reflects your business initiatives.

Help Your Team Members to Manage Distractions

Working from home has many advantages. For instance, employees can avoid commutes to work, they could work flexible schedules, and they don’t always have to wear a suit. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t drawbacks to working from home. One of the biggest problems that home-workers face is distractions, especially if there are other people in the household. However, everyone is in the same boat when it comes to having to deal with distractions. So, speak openly with your team members about the specific distractions they have to handle. That way, you can come up with ways to solve the issues. By promoting things like small rewards throughout the day and specific break times, it will be easier for employees working from home to stay focused throughout the day. The more they’re focused, the more motivation they will have.

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