How to Keep Your Business Safe

The past 18 months have been incredibly challenging for businesses. Many industries were forced to temporarily shut down or shift online for much of 2020 – and even now we’re in a more favourable position, the UK’s economic recovery is predicted to be somewhat bumpy.

Small businesses can’t afford any more setbacks, so it’s crucial to make sure that your premises are kept safe and secure when not in use. Break-ins and acts of vandalism can seriously disrupt your operations as well as often proving heartbreakingly costly.

So what steps can you take as an owner to protect your business from these threats? Read five practical ways to guard your premises and the assets within them, below.

Install clear signage

Making sure prohibition signs are clearly displayed helps designate which areas are accessible. You can mark which spaces are for workers only, which can also support health and safety efforts if you work with any potentially dangerous machinery. Click here for more information.

The presence of signage alone can be enough to deter people from chancing their luck and wandering into areas where they shouldn’t be.

Invest in CCTV and alarm systems

Installing CCTV in key areas such as head office space, back entrances and car parks is another effective way to deter trespassers, especially when combined with other measures such as locks and spotlights.

You’ll want to make sure there is sufficient lighting in the area to get useful footage, so it could be worth consulting a security company.

Look after valuables

While it’s not practical to lock everything out of sight at the end of each working day, certain valuables such as cash should at least be kept in a locked safe.

It’s wise to make sure that only a selection of trusted staff have access codes too. Even during the pandemic, over five thousand employee thefts were reported in England and Wales in 2020/21.

Upgrade your lighting

Lighting is another feature that criminals are often put off by the very sight of. Most burglaries happen at night of course, and outdoor lighting can make individuals feel more exposed and at risk of being caught.

Passive infrared lighting is only activated when someone comes into its field of vision and can prove especially cost-effective.

Join a ‘business watch’

You’re likely to be aware of neighbourhood watch groups in your local area. But many police forces run ‘business watch’ schemes, which allow commercial property owners to band together and warn nearby businesses of any incidents of crime.

These schemes can boost your awareness of trends or weaknesses in your location, as well as allowing you to take security inspiration from those around you.

Your business is likely to be the result of lots of hard work and investment, so it makes sense to protect it. Do you need to make any of these security upgrades?

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