How To Keep Staff Fit And Healthy

Your staff is important to the daily functions of your office or business, and in order for them to continue working at their best, they need to be feeling fit and healthy. So with that in mind, here are some tips to keep your staff fit and healthy.

Have A Company Doctor

A company doctor is a great way of ensuring that your staff is getting the attention they need and that they are able to get free and available medical support as and when they need it. A company doctor can also help report back on any illnesses that might be contagious, and therefore, you can be warned about the potential spread of infection. It will also help with you communicating to certain staff members about maybe staying off work for longer in order to get rid of the illness and to reduce the likelihood of it spreading to other staff members. Doctors can also give some information on basic hygiene and ways of looking after hygiene when you’re in a group environment on a daily basis.

Keep The Office Space Clean And Tidy

The office or working space should be a safe environment for your staff to work in. It should also be somewhere where they aren’t likely to get ill. If you want to avoid experienced wrongful death attorneys knocking on your door, then you should be keeping your office space as clean and tidy as possible. Ensure that your cleaners are briefed on what needs cleaning up at the end of the day and to make sure to sanitize all the work surfaces and desk spaces that are used on a daily basis. This is showing an active effort in getting rid of any harmful bacteria or germs that someone may have bought in and has the potential to spread to other areas of the office.

Get Partnerships With Gyms

It’s great to encourage the health of your staff and one of the ways to do this is by partnering your company with local gyms or any type of exercising or fitness classes. As a business, you could offer discounted membership or sessions, and the business selling the membership or classes is going to benefit from the additional customers that they get and perhaps maybe otherwise wouldn’t have gotten. Lots of gyms in your local area will likely want to work with you, and if you can gather enough interest within the office, then you can approach the gyms that seem to be most popular with staff and strike up a membership deal that offers them a good discount.

Offer Flexible Working

Sometimes life gets in the way of work, and when work can be accommodating to these life problems, it can certainly make a huge difference to their mental and physical health. Flexible working is a great opportunity that is worth giving to some staff members who may need a little flexibility when it comes to their working hours sometimes. If they have children and need to look after a sick child, then them having remote access means they get to work from home and still be able to do a lot of work whilst being in their own place. It means you don’t lose out on a business and that staff members will also feel valued by the company.

Have 1-2-1 Meetings To Combat Issues

There are often problems that arise in work, and it can also have a wider effect on how the staff feels and how they are mentally too. Sometimes just talking about these issues is enough to solve them and so, it’s very important that managers and line managers are having discussions with staff members to sort out these problems, rather than just trying to cover them up or ignore them. Reducing stress levels within the workplace is also beneficial because it means staff members can leave work at the door and not have to bring it home with them. Offering this support in the form of 1-2-1 meetings can be really helpful. It doesn’t need to be something that happens every week, but even if it were once a month, then it would be beneficial to both staff members and managers to understand how someone is feeling and how they can go about fixing the issue at hand.

If you want to reduce your staff turnover and hold onto those employees that could empower a business, take care of their physical and mental health and don’t forget to provide a safe and healthy environment for them.

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