How To Improve Your Content For Better Engagement

One of the biggest challenges businesses and brands face when it comes to social media is engagement. Because of the Algorithm, a very small percentage of your followers will see any given post (about 2-6%). The way to get over that obstacle, is by getting more engagement on your posts. Engagement is validation for the algorithm and informs it that people want to see your post, so it shows your post to more people. How do you get better engagement? Watch the video to learn how.

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Denise Alison
DENISE Alison, Founder and CEO of Stratigro, is a Live Video Expert and a social media marketing specialist. Stratigro offers 1:1 coaching and small group training to entrepreneurs, professionals, and personal brands who want to grow their visibility through social media and live video. Denise is also the creator and host of The Art of Online Marketing Live Show, a weekly show that provides social media tips and strategies to help businesses grow with social media! Although she is based in rural Nova Scotia, Denise has had the privilege to work with clients across North America to teach them how to leverage social media to increase their online presence, grow their audience, and ultimately, grow their business.
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