How To Improve The Security Of Your Business Property

We talk often about how we can improve the security of our business online, but we also need to ensure that any business properties are well looked after too. There’s as much risk to physical security as there is to the online world. So here are a few tips on improving the security of your business property.

Be Strict With Keyholders

When it comes to having access to the builder, opening up and closing, there needs to be a number of people who get a key. Instead of just having the buildings manager, it’s important to have quite a few so, in the event that multiple key holders are away, there will always be someone who can open up and close the building. However, it’s also very important that you are strict with who is a keyholder. You don’t want to become too trusting of staff, and therefore it’s a good idea to give these keys to either the full-time receptionists and to the heads of each department. The fewer copies of the keys that you have out, the less of a security risk it becomes. Also if there are people that may be a little clumsy when it comes to their things and they are on a senior level to have a key, it might be best to make your excuses not to issue one to them.

Teach Staff To Be Vigilant

It certainly gets more difficult, the more staff members you do have and any freelancers or contractors that often come on site. However, it’s a good idea to encourage your staff to take initiative and to be aware of who they are personally letting into the building. Having them know their own departments or floors might be useful so that they can challenge anyone they may not recognise. It’s not always possible to be aware of everything that’s going on in the building, so have your eyes and ears everywhere by utilising your staff where you can.

Alarms That Alert Authorities

With business alarm systems, the best ones to get are those that go off and then alert you or any other senior members of staff, like the building manager that someone has potentially gained access to your building. That way you have an instant notification, and if you’re not able to get there yourself, then you make the appropriate calls to the authorities. You could also link up your alarm systems with local authorities to help in these cases where no one is around to help right there and then. Again, like the keys, only keyholders should really know any passwords or codes that are needed to activate or deactivate the alarm.

Hiring Security

If your property is on a busy street or it’s a company where there’s a lot of high-value furniture and software within the building, then hiring some security to man the doors might be useful. It’s also beneficial if you have guests and clients coming through of influence to provide them with that small gesture of opening and closing the door from them and escorting them to where they need to be. For other staff members who sit on the front desk or in the entrance of the building, it’s nice to have that safety of someone who’s trained to handle people who are causing problems.

Entry Fobs And Passes

For bigger buildings or those who a larger capacity of staff, you may want to look at how your staff currently get in and out of the building. If it’s a standard fob that operates the main door, that might not be enough, and it might be useful to have some sort of pass desk that they need to get through in order to gain access to the main building. There’s also lifts that can only be operated with a fob or key card. This is handy if a stranger manages to get in and has snuck past security. It stops them from being able to gain access to the private areas of the workplace that are for staff members only.

Security for the business is important in helping protect your staff and any guests that come into your company space on a daily basis. It will help them feel safe and that their safety is valuable to the business. So be very strict on who you have as key holders and the same for the alarm systems. Keep staff well trained on how to challenge anyone they don’t know who comes in and think about security staff being placed at the entrance points of your building.

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