How To Improve Project Visibility When Managing Your Team

Managing a team of employees requires ample skills in several different areas, and when considering the massive impacts of poorly managed projects, enhancing visibility should always be a priority for project managers. Merely providing the same project report routinely with modified dates can cause havoc if aspects of the project are not entirely accurate. Therefore, to be successful, you will need to boost visibility into every detail of the project each day, which may seem exceptionally overwhelming. Although the following tips will help you and your team gain maximum project visibility.

Incorporate The Use Of Software

Software solutions developed for businesses aim to achieve maximum accuracy by reducing human errors. Even though errors may still appear, they are far easier to identify in general, which means efficiency is among the best benefits of incorporating useful software solutions, such as time tracking software and online timesheets. Opting for this type of software to assist with project visibility will enable you to achieve control over your team, while also empowering your team with access to every detail of the project they are working on.

Deligating will become simplified and regular reports can often be generated quite easily. It is always best to consider and compare a few different options before settling on a software platform or tool as even though most are quite similar, some offer unique and innovative features and functions.

Craft A Communication Plan

We all know communication is key, and this proverbial saying becomes vital in the workplace for so many reasons. When it comes to enhancing project visibility, communication will need to be maximized to ensure each member of the team working on the project has complete clarity on tasks and responsibilities. Neglecting communication can often have devastating results as questions such as “who is working on this?” and “why has this not been done?” can become monotonous and frustrating for both employees and project managers.

To boost communication, you can set clear expectations for update requests, what they should consist of, and who is overseeing them. Communicating even small details with your team will keep everyone on the same page, which ultimately maximizes overall visibility and boost productivity.

Track Project In One Secure Place

Projects should be managed with consistency, which is why it is always best to keep every detail of a project in the same secure place. Online tools allow this to be done most simplistically as changes can be automatically stored. An online tool will also alert you of any obstacles and looming deadlines. If everyone is utilizing a different tool, managing the visibility of a project can become clouded as details can easily be misplaced and overlooked.

Routine Reviews

Reviewing project progress is vital to stay on track with looming deadlines. Therefore, routine document and detail reviews are essential. How you check project elements can vary according to strategy, although, it is usually best to have one person reviewing documents to avoid any confusion. If the project requires multiple employees to review, it is best to make use of innovative tools or platforms that allow collaborative efforts when editing and reviewing.

Avoid Instant Messanger Platforms

A quick way to scrap project visibility is to use instant messaging platforms and services that are not included in the chosen online management platform. Most online time tracking and timesheet software solutions include a chat function and for a practical reason. Keeping your chat details in the same place as project details will prevent small edit requests and changes being overlooked.

It can be quite time-consuming to have to search through various instant chat platforms to locate conversations relevant to the project. Keeping everything in one place will not just boost convenience, but it will also maximize visibility and ensure a successful outcome.

Track Progress Electronically

Tracking project progress is an essential factor connected to visibility, and if you have been using age-old methods such as a whiteboard, there’s no doubt some team members are confused. Using a whiteboard to track progress means your team only has access to project progress when they are right in front of the whiteboard; therefore, it makes perfect sense why most project managers consider the benefits of tracking progress electronically.

Employee monitoring and management platforms often include a function that ensures tracking progress is effortless and accurate. However, if you have selected a platform that does not incorporate this function, it is best to opt for an additional stand-alone tool that enables electronic progress tracking.

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