How To Get Going On Your Online Business

I was getting nowhere. Why can’t I make money online she asked me. My thoughts were simple. Does she have something people want and how is she spending her time? You know, how is she creating something to sell to others online and who wants to buy it?

The answer was simple. She didn’t have a certain time it just was when she had a little time after dinner before she went to bed. She’d done some research and even done a few local talks for groups. The room was packed standing room only to hear her talk. She knew people really wanted it.

Suze that was her name didn’t know how to get going on her online business. She’d joined a local coaching group who wanted her to make a paperback, but she felt an eBook and course sounded better for now.

Her topic? As a self-employed attorney, she did living wills, estates, final wills and more. Her market wasn’t seniors but new parents. As a new mom, she got it. What if something happened. Who’d take care of Carter?

I gave Suze my Quick How To Get Going On Your Online Business Formula for those who know they have a product idea that others want.

This formula will work for anyone. If you don’t know what your product is but you feel you have something others want this is a good direction to go as you explore who would be your tribe or buyer and what problem you’re solving. Below I have included a tidbit for both types of online business owners.

 Get Going

G – Get Motivated

What motivates you? For Suze, it was knowing that if she and her spouse died, she didn’t have a plan. There’s no immediate pain in this dilemma unless you have personal experience, so she had to be creative.

She did it by speaking first to her newborn group, then her breastfeeding group. She didn’t sell. That’s key. She offered help. She didn’t expect more than to share her knowledge.

Later she offered to speak elsewhere and had testimonials from these groups. This motivated Suze.

Some of the people she spoke too asked her to create wills and such for them. Others didn’t. But she built content around these topics for new parents. The idea was birth! “What if I could sell this?”

E – Engagement

She decided it was time to get serious. Instead of just talking to groups Suze decided to start writing down what she was talking about. Her idea was an eBook she could sell online a good idea in fact. One that people search for if you know the right keywords to use.

A book can become a course. This is important.

T – Set Time Aside

Suze blocked out time 5 days a week to write and research what she wanted to share. It started with 30 minutes. Have you ever had a nursing newborn? That was a large chunk of time. Is your motivation big? Then add more time once you get into a habit.

G- Write Down 1-3 Goals for the day

What is important to your business. This isn’t your grocery list or to do. It’s the things that move your business forward. Record a podcast, write a page or research good website hosts.  These things are about your online business.

If you work or worked for someone and they gave you a list of 3-5 things to get done by noon and then report your success what would that list look like? You are the employer of your success.

O- Organize – Let your  ideas help you create and make revenue helping others

When we help others freely through engagement and service, we build connections. To do this, we have to organize our tasks and goals.

When you start your business you’ll feel lost a bit – don’t worry. That’s where the master classes, training videos, and even the podcasts help you.

Your starting point can be anyplace on the spectrum from totally new to building a business to already running a business that you desire to make more successful. Entrepreneurs struggle with clarity and direction. Because we’re so creative.

When you set small daily goals based on your bigger goal, you can make progress. The key is to know where you want to be in 30 – 60 – 90 days from today. Then organize the tasks you’ll need to do.

Creating a course or eBook what are the steps? If you don’t know, think about getting help in some way.

I – Intention – Be Committed

Sounds like a lot of work and might be a little overwhelming. Building an online business is work, it takes extreme commitment and strong intention to do it. It’s not something you intend to do today, but tomorrow you’ll give up if its hard. It is hard. Are you willing to do whatever it takes?

N – Never let Negative thoughts from you or others stop you

The top reason people give up isn’t the hard work it’s the belief that they can’t do it. It’s the tiny voice inside their head saying they’re not worthy or smart enough.


Isn’t this someone else’s voice or a belief that has stopped you from so much in your life? Is it the same recording that stopped you in your life, your career, your relationships, and more? It’s time to let that voice go.

I don’t care if it’s your mother’s voice, I’m a mother, and I wasn’t always right. Be at choice.

If you need help taking control of your own wisdom and knowing you can do this – that’s what I mean by balance it all. We talk ourselves out of our success in life and then stress about it.

These are some of my favorite master classes and coaching sessions because the breakthroughs are amazing for people.

G – Be Grateful. 

Gratitude is important. Are you happy and have joy in your life? If not, look at where your gratitude meter is. Statistics tell us people who are grateful are more successful. They experience more happiness, health, and joy in their lives.

While a big part of our work building a successful online business is creative and technical an even larger part is how we deal with life. Things like intention, living our life making our own choices, and being grateful for the things we do have are the foundation of being a successful entrepreneur.


Dr. Debra Arko Novotny
Dr. Debra Arko Novotny
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