How to Find Motivation When You Simply Have None

When you have little or no motivation, it is hard to find the energy to complete the simplest tasks. Self-motivation is what encourages you to achieve your goals through enthusiasm or interests without needing to be pressured by others to achieve goals.

Everyone has days or times when they aren’t feeling self-motivated or excited to accomplish the goals, and they set for themselves. Find some tips below to help you find your motivation when you have none.

Use Action to Help Create Motivation

Waiting for inspiration to hit can take longer than creating your own motivation to get tasks done. Don’t wait for motivation to hit. Actively pursue it in order to find it. By creating your personal motivation and inspiration to get jobs done, it gives you more enthusiasm to achieve your goals.

Enjoy the Process

Keep your goal in mind when you are having trouble keeping your motivation. Although, it still might be hard to find your motivation when thinking about your long term goal, having it in the back of your mind and putting more effort into enjoying the process can help in finding your motivation to complete your goals. Focus on the future benefits of achieving your goal, for example, exercising. It might be challenging to start, but as your start and see the progress your motivation can build, put emphasis on the future results, such as losing weight and a healthier, better you.

Shift Your Attention

If you are struggling for motivation, you are stuck in a rut. You might be worrying about what you need to do, or about what is coming up next. Getting stuck in a rut can be detrimental to any progress you might have been making with your motivation. A way to get out of your rut is by spending time focusing on other people. Helping other people can give you a boost to your enthusiasm, motivation, and make you feel better all around.

Celebrate Little Tasks

Celebrating the completion of some of your small tasks or goals is the easiest and most effective ways to keep motivated in reaching your overall goal. Trying to reach an important goal can be intimidating, so when you break the broad goal into smaller ones and celebrate as you’ve completed these tasks, it helps keep up your enthusiasm and motivation to reach your much larger goal. Celebrate all milestones as you reach them to keep motivated to keep doing your best.

Use Constraints to Foster Creativity

Motivation can be related to feeling overwhelmed about completing what you are trying to do. Adding constraints to your tasks can help you focus and build your creativity. Creating a rule or restriction about reaching your goals enables you to channel your energy and actions into creative ways to reach your overall goal.

Understand Your Why

You need to understand why you want to complete a goal in order to find your motivation. When you really desire something, you can find the energy and enthusiasm to go after it and reach it. The daily grind can get into the way of remembering your why, but the more you understand why you are working towards your goal, you can build the motivation to complete the tasks.

Get Moving

Moving your body and doing physical movements helps with clearing your mind and boosting adrenaline to help with your motivation. When you are feeling tired or lethargic, depressed or unmotivated, get up and get outside for a walk or do something physical to help change your state of mind. Exercise gets your blood moving and eliminates any toxins from your body, which helps reduce stress.

The Takeaway

If you are experiencing low motivation to complete your daily tasks or work towards your goal, don’t be hard on yourself. It is essential to realize your state and try to work through it by following the tips above. Try walking or getting out and moving to help clear your mind and find a new perspective, celebrate little tasks or goals that are completed, and make a plan to keep you on track and motivated.

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