How To Figure Out If Your Husband Is Cheating On You

Though all of us dream of a happily ever after, the hard reality often breaks the bubble. Infidelity is found to be one of the biggest reasons for divorces. Are you looking for an app to have access to text messages of your husband? Are you also continually struggling between trusting your partner and suspecting an affair? The article takes you through a few symptoms to identify a cheating partner.

Note that though these symptoms indicate a cheating husband, there is always a possibility of reading the signs wrong. Therefore, talk and communicate before getting to any firm conclusions.

Sudden attention to looks

Didn’t your husband’s rough looks attract you the most? If you think your man is transforming into a new person, it could be more than just trying out a modern look.

If you find your couch potato running the gym religiously, well, you need to be a little more vigilant. Often sudden attention to one’s appearance is done to please a partner. Also, in situations where the woman is younger than the man, the man typically tries harder to look fitter and suitable for their new love interests.

Being emotionally distant

There was a time when couples were jealous of how you two confided in each other, and now you don’t know what is happening in each other’s lives. Emotional distance is another strong symptom of a cheating partner.

It is because emotionally investing in two relationships at once is hard. This often leads to the unexplained space in the relationship. Along with this, this space acts as a shield to prevent his actions from being caught. The little he says, the little gets found.

Secretive and unusual behavior

Is your husband’s phone unreachable most of the time? If you find his mobile phone switched off more often than before, it could be a reason to worry.

Has he started changing his phone passwords frequently? Or do you find him carrying his phone around with him all the time so that no one else gets a glance at it? Is he spending too much time over chats or emails and gets irritated when you ask him about it? Secretive behavior is a definite symptom of a person investing time in another relationship.

Working on a changed schedule

A person who lived by his routine and loved discipline has suddenly changed his schedule. You’re not entirely wrong if you’re finding it unusual.

For a working spouse, work seems to be the most convenient cover-up for infidel behavior. If he has started taking frequent work trips over the weekend or works extra hours in the office, he might be spending that time with his new partner. Excuses like an exhausted battery, burning extra hours in the gym, flat tires could be other excuses used for being away.

Increased unexplained expenses

Did you find unexpected activity in your husband’s account? Or do you find less money in your account without your knowledge? All of these signs could be leading you to one direction.

Initially into a relationship, expressing feelings through gifts is a common trait. If your husband is unable to explain the sudden expenses and avoids or deflects the conversation around it, there are high chances that this money has been spent on his new partner.

Guilty behavior

Significant changes in your sex life can also indicate a cheating partner. An increased level of sexual activity in a relationship is often because of the attempt to cover up for the infidel behavior.

Guilty behavior is a dead giveaway of your partner trying to hide something. If your once nagging husband is suddenly doing the dishes on his own and bringing you flowers, it could be his inner guilt doing all the magic. Being overly affectionate and attentive is one of the most common reactions to mask one’s guilty behavior.

Constantly picking up fights

Do you register an exponential increase in unnecessary fights between you and your husband? If your actions that once used to please him are making him mad, there is something to be worried about.

It is often observed that men show increased irritable and furious behavior when required to be in two places at once. This behavior could result from the exhaustion of trying to fulfill the demands in two different relationships. The turmoil created inside the man for cheating often plays out through fights and arguments.

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