Most companies toss around words such as… Trust. Integrity. Teamwork. Respect.

Leaders often say these words. Followers often nod when they hear these words. Then everybody too often returns to their computer screens and forgets about these words.

When was the last time you gathered your team together and defined these words? When was the last time your team cited specific behaviors and expectations that reflect these words? What would be the benefit if you all agreed on the behaviors necessary to support these words?

Watch and see what a good definition of your values can do for your culture and your overall profitability.

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Aldo Delli Paoli

There is a close correlation between culture and leadership, because the leaders of a company have the task of defining, managing and disseminating organizational culture. And in turn, the values themselves of the leaders are influenced by the experiences and the cultural background of the company. And as the company’s goal is to increase effectiveness, productivity and efficiency, special attention must be paid to culture and its impact on working life.
Creating culture within a company is a process that requires commitment and constancy: it is not about getting lost in endless briefings, but instead you need passion and values, provide guidelines to employees and follow them in the processes of job development, without limiting yourself. to observe from above. We must focus a lot on the team but also on the single collaborator who shows the attitudes and the ability to learn to play a new role, aiming to make it grow. Communication must therefore be at the center of priorities and everyone must be able to bring his ideas to the discussion table.


Communication is key! Culture gets created one conversation at a time.


The above response to Aldo is from AmyK Hutchens. Thanks, Aldo!