How To Decide If You Should Take A New Job Offer

Seeking out and being offered a new job opportunity is exciting. However, there are many factors to think through before you accept and proceed.

Some tips will help you know how to decide if you should take a new job offer or not. You’ll have a greater chance of being happy with your decision in the end when you’re good about listing out the pros and cons and know what you’re getting into before you commit.

Pay & Benefits

Before taking a new job, consider the pay and benefits. Know the base pay and what, if any, potential earnings there are with bonuses or other monetary rewards. Also, understand your benefits package in detail and what other perks may come with your new position. You want to make sure you can live a similar or better lifestyle, or if you’re taking a pay cut that you can afford to get by before you can earn more. Ask about your working hours and know what type of lifestyle you’ll be living to know if the pay lines up and is worth it or not.

Location & Where You’ll Live

You’re going to want to think through the location of the job and if it’s going to work for you or not. Consider where you’ll live and how much it’ll cost to live in your new area if you have to move. If you’re moving properties and neighborhoods then begin to research homes for sale and listing prices so you know what you can afford. Keep in mind that you’ll not only have to pay your mortgage but that moving itself can be costly and expensive as well. If you like where you live now this may be a tough choice for you so be sure to think it through.


When thinking over how to decide if you want to take a new job offer, you should also consider the commute. Map it out and know how long it’ll take you to get to and from work and your transportation options. For example, if you’re moving to a city then you may be able to commute by train or bus instead of driving. However, if you’re going to be living and working in a more rural area and need to get to work then it may require that you drive your car each day. If your job is far away from your home then you’ll need to be prepared to drive a lot each day and pay for gas.

Responsibilities & Future Opportunities

As you decide about your new job, you must also review and know more about your particular responsibilities. Understand what the job entails and what skills you need to succeed in your role. You want to make sure that you’re doing what you love and happy with what will be expected of you before you take the job. You should ask about future opportunities with the company as well and if there will be chances to go after a promotion or not down the road. Know where the company stands now and what their plans are for the future to see if you want to be part of it or not. If career advancement is important to you then make sure you let your potential employer know this and that they communicate what opportunities will exist for you.  

Culture & Work Style

Consider the company culture and work style before you accept a new job. It may be that the work environment is fast-paced and hectic most days. Before quitting your job, think about if this is what you’re looking for or not and if you’ll be a good fit. Also, if you’re someone who’s into living a healthy lifestyle then get a better idea if your company is in support of this or not. Make sure that your goals, values, and what you stand for correctly align with the new company and work environment before you accept.


These are some of the most vital factors to consider and weigh as you decide if you should take a new job offer. It’s an important choice that will impact many areas of your life. Be sure to set aside enough time to think it all through before you determine what you’ll do. You want to confirm that you’re setting yourself up for a brighter future and not making changes on a whim because you’re currently unhappy. If you do take the new job, then embrace this transition and your decision and go put your best foot forward.

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