Kahle’s Kalculation of Sales Productivity was developed by Dave Kahle in the early 1990s to address a specific issue: Sales leaders struggle with how to objectively measure the contribution of a sales person. As a result, many conversations among management and between management and the sales force become negotiations based upon feelings, opinions, and beliefs, rather than based upon reality. If we had a tool to clearly, fairly and objectively measure sales productivity, we could do away with all of that emotional conversation, and make reality-based decisions about our sales efforts.Kahle’s Kalculation of Sales Productivity is such a tool. The tool has since evolved into a measurement of the efficiency of a sales system, and of every part of that sales system. To date, the tool has been used by over 10,000 companies to gain an insight into the real costs and contributions of every sales person. In addition, it provides a way to objectively compare one sales group with another, to compare one year with a previous one, and to measure the relative contribution of every aspect of a sales system, as well as the system in total.


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