MY UNDERLYING PASSION for high-performance and leadership led me to explore a deeper understanding of what it takes to be the best performer and leader, as well as how to create high-performing culture or teams.

By observing the behavior of high-performing individuals, both in business and professional sports, I found a first-hand connection and common traits between high-performing individuals in life, regardless of what game they played – individual or group professional sports or business and leadership.

Over the last 15 years I watched closely the behaviors that were reflected in high-performing individuals who took their business or personal performance goals yet to another level, showing others that impossible is indeed possible.

Observing and interviewing various pro-athletes, in addition to high-performing business leaders, led me to arrive at the following conclusions:

Know Your WHY

It is critical to know your why that motivates you and gets you out of bed early in the morning with new zest for life and drive to push your self further than yesterday.

Both pro-athletes and successful business leaders are clear on what is their why and they are committed to reaching their goal regardless of obstacles that they may encounter along the way.

Be Coachable

Athletes and coaches, as well as successful business leaders that continue growing and investing in themselves, are highly coachable by fully possessing the following traits:

    • Humility – by allowing fundamental change with specific performance or perspective
    • Faith – by enabling yourself to give time and best effort before seeing the desired results
    • Purpose – by knowing your aim, you will arrive to your destination rather quickly
    • Surrender – by permitting your coach or mentor to take control in specific aspects of your personal and professional growth

Be Confident

To be confident in yourself requires much deeper “knowing” of yourself and your abilities by willingness to go and push further than ever before.

As Dale Carnegie explains best:  “Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.”

This undying confidence can only come from self-discipline and consistent training or practice.

Be Fearless

To be fearless, it is essential to know how to face current reality or problems at hand. In addition, the ability to take decisive action by fully committing to the choices that you make, and in the end to accept responsibility for the outcome, are vital attributes of fearless leadership.

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